June 23rd, 2014


stuff & things of comparatively moderate interest

okay! hey. so, here's some new stuff & some updates from the last major public post...

first, the new stuff: yeah, i've finally upgraded my old razr to a smartphone. the razr had started randomly rebooting itself, & within the past few days the keypad had ceased to light, so i could no longer text in the dark. i sadly admitted it was doing its best to hold out for my sake, & i could not keep it in such pain any longer. you've been on my hip for eight years, old friend, & your service to me is now finished. *nods solemnly* anyhow, i bought a samsung galaxy s4 mini - the lish-sized version of a friend's phone that i don't hate. it's actually pretty awesome. i'm still trying not to turn into One of Those People, but at least i can call a damn uber on my own if i want. feel free to make recommendations to me on apps & widgets & whatever other stupid crap you can no longer live without so that i might also be unable to live without it. -_-

now commencing updates: failure put on a fantastic show. jeremy surprised me with their tour CD, which i didn't even realize was being sold. russ found a great video from this tour if you'd like a taste. the concert was pretty much everything i hoped failure would be live. :)

teatro zinzanni was AWESOME. it started super obnoxiously & i thought i'd hate it, but once they got past the HEY WE'RE CIRCUSY PAY ATTENTION TO US aspect (basically just the first number), i loved it. the food was pretty good - the crab-stuffed scallops were definitely the best course - but the performances will bring me back. also: airborne desserts.

i've found the two best burgers in seattle: mika introduced me to 8oz burger, & jeremy took me to katsu burger. if all burgers tasted like this, i would eat more of them. so i guess it's good they don't? :) additionally, i have learned the wonders of americana, & want to move in & live under their counter.

strfvr came & stayed with me for a week in june. he was a delightful houseguest & improved the overall cuteness of my apartment about a hundredfold. (no, really, just look at him!) he cooked us vegan peanut butter pasta with perfectly steamed kale & was completely non-intrusive to my life for a full week - high praise, trust me. X) jon, you're welcome back any time.

disneyland was meh. it was awesome that girlgoth turned forty while in line to see her favorite characters from frozen, but it is now clear that the disney experience is not for lishes. i went off on my own & had a better time with california adventure: enjoyed "single rider line" privileges (apparently disney favors the friendless? you basically get pushed directly to the front of the hour+ line for being alone), rode their "big" rollercoaster a few times, ate a lot of roasted chili-lime corn &, once, an entire pork shank, & walked approximately six billion miles. overall, it was fun, & i'm glad lily had the best of times, but i have no need to ever return.

um also, though i tried to compensate appropriately for the exercise, i still lost three pounds at disney. wtf, don't normal people GAIN weight on vacations? this is not the first time i've come back smaller. & i've had trouble putting it back on - i've been stuck at precisely 101.8 (& half a pound of that is hair - seriously) since returning despite taking in enough extra calories per day that i should've put at least a full pound back on. when i told my staff this, they started singing, to the tune of "small world": "it's a tapeworm after all!" -_- well, eventually drinking 20oz bitter hot cocoas every morning will catch up, right?

amusingly, i mentioned i picked up the disney credit card so i could get fifty bucks free ($49 annual membership fee but $100 bonus for signing up)... i did that & it was fine, but i didn't realize they gave me a ten & a half grand limit. what the fuck did you think i'd be buying at disney, guys? an evening with mickey's flapping butthole?

my childhood best friend will be in town for the fourth, & i haven't seen her in a full twenty years, so i'm very much looking forward to catching up a bit. aside from that, things are fairly quiet... oh, except for all of that very loud everything i've been posting as protected. so, uh, yeah! log in if you want all that news or email me or comment or whatever if you're inaccurately outside the wall.