September 4th, 2014


recent happenings & whatever.

  • slint came out of retirement & played a gorgeous set including all of "spiderland". it was as awesome as seeing failure earlier this year.

  • kneedrawp came to town for PAX. he is a wonderful houseguest, got me the very best of CAH swag, & is always welcome back.

  • i hit bumbershoot with gorthok since he got free tickets again. we saw the improvised shakespeare company twice - AMAZING - & they used my title: "unexpected menstrual cycle". genius performance. i also walked past mission of burma JUST as they were playing the one song i wanted to hear (the one the catherine wheel covered first, stupid moby), so that was a delight. i got to see the dismemberment plan on sunday, & they played my favorite song too, "the ice of boston".

  • i bought a chromecast for cheap from aidan. it is serving my big-screen youtube needs (read: lateblt) very well indeed.

  • i get to see atmosphere play the night before i leave for australia. okay, technically that's inaccurate - it's the night before i leave seattle to see...

  • testing4l! i mentioned i'm seeing him the day before i split to australia, for about a day & a third. he has promised me a burrito from my favorite mexican restaurant in santa cruz, jalapeños, for the flight out. i will probably get to meet his insane mom (for whom i did tech support years & years ago), & we will almost surely eat quite a lot of very fancy sushi.

  • then i leave for australia! the new zealand portion of the trip was actually canceled for low interest, but i found a dude who wanted to proceed anyhow, & got them to change our return flights back to the original dates for cheap. so i'll be in australia for ten days, then new zealand for five or so, then back to australia for a few before coming home. this is great by me, as i won't have to do any of that stupid hobbity stuff in NZ, will still get to do crazy kiwi things like THE SKY JUMP, & then i'll have extra time back in melbourne to visit luna park with an aussie friend of mine. plus GMT additions in both countries, of course.

  • & then i bookend the trip with another concert: dropkick murphys are back in town. they're always awesome.

  • otherwise, Collapse ) i'm currently working on a portrait of pyramid head for my living room. it's way more intense than the other two pieces in terms of technique & stuff, but i'm faking it well & am pretty pleased with how it's coming out.

    i guess that's about it. i'm still alive or whatever.