October 7th, 2014


australia & new zealand trip 2014 - part 1: los angeles & sydney

part 1: los angeles & sydney | part 2: cairns | part 3: melbourne | part 4: auckland | part 5: melbourne, los angeles, home

sunday, sept 14 - seattle WA to los angeles CA
i had a few hours sleep on the sofa after seeing atmosphere play the night before, then gorthok took me to the airport at 630am. one flight to LAX with a stopover in oakland; uneventful. it was great to see testing4l, who drove down from the bay area, & he took great care of me tooling around his hometown of los angeles. we ate at canter's, a jewish deli (surprise perfection), with phil's parents. i had a delicious corned beef special (they called it a "brooklyn ave"). i couldn't decide between a vanilla egg creme or cherry phosphate; i ordered the former & phil's mom went with the latter & shared. d'aww.

phil took me to the griffith observatory & i met his good sister (the bad one stayed away). they had a statue of einstein pointing at something, so i had to... phil took pics quickly before people realized what i was doing.

we drove around a bunch & then picked up The Burrito. this is a story: when i lived in santa cruz, my favorite mexican place was a little shop called jalapeño's, & the last time i'd been there was when i visited phil some nine years ago before he had cats. i thought it'd be a lark for phil to bring me a burrito, as it was right on the way, & he agreed. i thought it'd be twenty minutes out of his way. turns out it was three hours & 400 miles out of the way, since he couldn't meet up with i5 again until he was practically in LA. so a simple burrito became The Three Hour Burrito became The 400 Mile Burrito. (phil later did the math to show it to actually be 471.2 miles, but who's counting.)

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