October 12th, 2014


australia & new zealand trip 2014 - part 3: melbourne

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tuesday, september 23 - cairns QLD to melbourne VIC, australia
Per usual, we will enjoy breakfast at hotel. Then we will board our private coach transfer from Cairns City to Domestic Airport and catch our flight to Melbourne. Upon arrival, our private coach transfer will take the group from Melbourne Airport to hotel. The rest of day is at leisure.

Evening at your leisure with dinner on your own. Overnight at Hotel Ibis in Melbourne.

i didn't sleep well last night due to the number & variety of screeching birds, but there was a three-hour plane ride to nap on, so that was okay. i continued the free-hotel-breakfast trend of stealing vegemite packets to make my employees eat upon my return. the cairns airport seemed much smaller on the way out than the way in, & security took all of three minutes. it wasn't necessary to remove shoes or bracelets here; only the bulky metal things had to come off, & laptops went separately as in the US. Frugal griped about forgetting his book in his checked luggage, but declined borrowing my DS. (i found out later that DullGreek just happened to have the same book that she'd just finished! crazy coincidence. so Frugal got to read on the ride after all.) though the flight attendant said it'd be a full plane, there was an empty seat between me & Half Creeper, & so i, at least, had another comfortable journey. i mean, aside from all the turbulence. australia must have very lumpy air.

speaking of lumpiness, now's a good time to talk about australian toilets. while it was possible to watch the water drain from tubs, all the toilets in australia are fitted the same way i saw in china & ireland - two buttons, one a lesser flush & one more massive, but both flood the bowl with water. there's no spiraling to be seen. phil had informed me that backwards water rotation below the equator is a myth & that it's just caused by the shape of the bowl, & snopes agrees. sigh. so, there are no toilet videos for you. i did find it odd that the airport restrooms had signs on the doors to not squat, but to use toilet paper to cover the seats. if they wanted that action, why not provide seat covers?

we arrived into unseasonably warm melbourne (spotting a dry cleaner's with the worst name ever - brown stain?! ugh) & went to the hotel ibis; another serviceable, clean, & not fancy hotel. (it's no issue, as i ideally don't spend much time in the room anyhow, but groupon tours had totally spoiled me on fancy-shit five star accommodations.) the room had a single & a double bed, & Talkyface kindly gave me the double. she left with Crap Leader to go do something or other while i waited for lana to arrive.

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