October 17th, 2014


australia & new zealand trip 2014 - part 5: melbourne, los angeles, home

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wednesday, october 1 - auckland, new zealand to melbourne VIC, australia
the hotel check-out was 11am & our airport shuttle wasn't coming until noon, so it was perfect to have my facial start at 10:30am. i rarely have facials, but it seemed weird to not spend two hundred bucks in a day, so i went for it. X) it was wonderful! my face had never felt so fancy & french, soft & smooth, & my skin really needed the pampering after so many flights & so much time away from home.

Frugal & i checked out & our shuttle was right on time. we were NOT charged the extra $55 for luggage on the way back, so i can only figure that gavin the supervisor came through for me. (i never received that hotel voucher, but that's fine - i prefer expedia anyhow.) customs & security took all of ten minutes, but we couldn't go to our gate because it wasn't yet assigned - our flight was on the board, but the column for gate was filled in with "RELAX". i giggled & took a photo. i found the only outlet in the airport & camped it for a few hours while eating my remaining chickpea fries & generally being sore as shit from horseback riding.

the flight was fine - more lumpy air, but a nice calm pilot. i got a good recording of the takeoff this time, & didn't know that an australian town named MOE was important enough to put on the flight map. our luggage was first out, & it was easy to hop a shuttle to the ibis budget, located down a not-rapey alley called little bourke. a lot of the streets here have main versions & "little" versions, marked as "lt" - so lt bourke was the alley next to bourke street proper. the room was better than i'd expect for not much money, & it had a fridge & was quite clean, so that was good. it also had the tiniest tub i've seen since i lived in that illinois apartment with a square tub - this one was 4' long: lish-sized tub! since this was my second time in melbourne, plus most of my plans involved a local, i was pretty comfortable with the town... but i was so glad we had the lush fancy hotel in new zealand with the brilliant concierge when i was more "on my own".

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