November 8th, 2014


upcoming excitement; a shitton of painting pics; my one true companion; sterility

so i get to hang out with testing4l again, sooner than expected. face to face, one of my top favorite bands, is in concert for THREE CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS in los angeles. they'll be playing their first three albums in full, one per show, plus b-sides & favorites & OMG EXCITEMENT. phil's familiar with f2f, i was able to get the time off work, & we'd wanted to have more time in LA together than one frantic day, so this works out beautifully. plus i used a travel voucher southwest gave me when they snow-delayed a flight, so flying during the holidays didn't cost too much. & yes, there will be king's quest V in a hotel room. cannot wait!

on to the visual portion of this post. i finished my portrait of pyramid head from silent hill. quarex said, "I feel like when you finish this a portal is going to open"... but so far, no such thing.

the original pic i was working from:

& my finished work:

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i'm pretty fucking happy with it. it's only the fourth canvas i've painted ever, & i put in probably 80-100 hours. i'm particularly happy with the "V" of his helmet - it was tough as shit to make it look properly reflective. ditto the chainlink fence to the right, & the torso in general. i found visual cheats for all of them to make the paint look correct, & i'm pretty proud of what i accomplished. nearly every color on the canvas was mixed custom - hell, the light areas of the pyramids on the helmet panels even have blue in them to temper the brown away from reddish... sheesh.

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oh, & this happened too:

yeah so i found this tutorial on lj. i contacted the author about making one for me in exchange for lots of money, but he told me to kick rocks & to use his tutorial to make my own. so i told craigslist to do it for me, & found a guy just a few blocks away who was up for the challenge. yes, it's a full-on cabinet & it's full-on awesome. ^_^

work's good (as is work, & also work), & did i mention i'm sterile now? in mid-august i had a tubal ligation! my doctor actually removed my fallopian tubes completely, as they've been shown to be the most common starting point of ovarian cancer, so now they just pull 'em entirely in bodies where no babies shall be made. while i couldn't take my extracted tubes home in a jar (they had to go to pathology for some insurance thing), my doctor did take pictures of them on a piece of gauze for me. additionally, i have photos of my liver too, which is pretty amazing. it looks very clean, as you'd expect. so yeah, being preggo-free-forever is the best. :D