January 26th, 2015


xmas 2014 in los angeles, CA

this write-up is a bit delayed, as i caught lobar pneumonia about a week after this trip, spent a week with a 103°F fever, & wound up in the ER getting IV fluids as it's not possible for a tiny lish to keep up with both eating & the amount of water being burned off by 103°F. i'm still recovering & will probably be coughing into february, but i did want to document this awesome trip as best i could.

so i went to southern california primarily because face to face was playing their first three albums, each in full, over three consecutive nights. it worked out beautifully that testing4l & i had wanted to spend more time in the city, & phil also loves f2f. plus there was a bonus task to perform...

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man, what a fun trip. thanks especially to my newly bald friend phil for exponentially increasing the awesomeness! :)

next post: my NEW BABBY SNEK