December 9th, 2015


costa rica trip 2015 - part 3

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Day 7 - Sat Nov 21 - Villas Playa Sámara

i woke up totally unable to put weight on my leg - it felt like the giant bruise growing all along the inside of my calf was going to explode, & i couldn't even hop around since that would jar the stitches. i guessed i overdid it yesterday, bleh. aj proactively fetched a hotel wheelchair while i tried to get dressed, & Sexy Cheekbones gave me all kinds of extra attention at breakfast, haha.

the hotel let us borrow the wheelchair for the day, & aj tried to carefully drive me over the potholes on the road to the main street. we successfully boarded the bus to nicoya going the opposite way from what the security guard at the gate had said... fortunately, we discovered later that the bus just turns around about five minutes down the road. the bus system in costa rica was pretty awesome - seemed to be just dudes who bought buses & therefore become bus drivers. everyone seemed to know our driver, & we counted five silver mudflap girls pasted in various parts of his front window. it was really cheap to ride - the hour trip to nicoya was only around $2 each.

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