March 20th, 2016


argentina & antarctica trip 2016 - part 1: seattle to buenos aires

Classic Antarctica Cruise
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day -3 - february 29: SEA to JFK to GRU
so this trip was really about antarctica; however, flights to the meeting point in ushuaia, at the southern tip of argentina, were ass, plus i had to pay a $160 "reciprocity fee" to get into argentina in the first place, so i said fuck it & decided to spend a few days tooling around buenos aires before the antarctic bit began. the three separate legs PLUS three nights at a hotel in buenos aires PLUS an extra overnight in ushuaia STILL cost less than going from seattle to ushuaia, & gave me a nice break from flying. but this day was all about flying.

i had a lovely sendoff dinner the night before with james, packed my bag perfectly, took a nap, then caught a ride to the airport. the 4am ride was surreal - it felt very "favorite sitcom's mid-season break" as i was driven past homey seattle landmarks i wouldn't be seeing for three weeks. due to spending nearly all of leap day traveling, it was decided that i thus earned my time lord badge. the seattle to new york leg was pretty nominal; i was through security quickly & ended up falling back asleep even before takeoff. at JFK airport, i snagged a surprisingly good corned beef sandwich at the brooklyn deli & didn't even try to resist buying a boston kreme dunkin donut. ah, nostalgia. my arrival & departure gates were two doors apart.

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