March 23rd, 2016


argentina & antarctica trip 2016 - part 2: argentina to antarctica

Classic Antarctica Cruise
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Day 1 - March 4: Depart from Ushuaia
Embark the USHUAIA in the afternoon and meet your expedition and lecture staff. After you have settled into your cabins we sail along the famous Beagle Channel and the scenic Mackinlay Pass.

finally my trip caught up with my itinerary. i had a lot of fun in the tiny bit of argentina i got to see, but the serious shit began today.

my window seat yielded some insane views of the martial mountains as we flew into ushuaia, & i tried to capture them with my phone. the airport's pretty small - one baggage claim, & it only took a minute or so to reach it. my bag was out quickly & i didn't have to go through customs since i was on a domestic flight.

i gleefully discovered that despite what i'd found online, the ushuaia malvinas airport DID have wifi. this was especially important because my ship didn't leave until 4pm, giving me about six hours to schlep my luggage around or buy a hotel room for an afternoon... & i had no desire to do either, especially the former on my horse-sore everything. i managed to find the one quiet, out-of-the-way spot that had wifi, a power outlet (with only a type I plug, making me happy i brought both adapters), *&* wasn't catching the breeze from outside. so i literally sat under a stairway for most of the day, heh. as time passed, i was joined somehow by three other women sitting around with camping gear. the only thing i camped was my power outlet. SORRY BITCHES, MY OUTLET MINE. XD

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