May 10th, 2016


i'm alone forever, but i can buy toys

my old phone, a galaxy s4 mini, was taking forever to load anything, ran really hot & had to be recharged twice a day, & a bunch of apps i liked were starting to break down without proper support... so i bought an s7. this is the first time i've been at the cutting edge of cell technology, & it's weird. the first week was all about disabling the oddest notifications:

- "hey there's wifi here! *text message sound*"
- "hey it's 2am & your battery is fully charged! *text message sound*"
- "hey you have one minute until your alarm goes off! *text message sound*"
- "hey you opened your shopping list app! *text message sound*"
- "hey you opened the SETTINGS for your shopping list app! *text message sound*"
- plus one that i haven't sussed yet because it's not giving a notification with the tone, just "*text message sound*" out of nowhere. THANKS? (actually, i think i got it; it did not *text message sound* me at the end of the block today.)

for some reason it insists on using my default messaging tone as the default SYSTEM tone, instead of using the system tone i set... so each of those stupid notifications made me think someone was texting me. BUT NOPE, NO ONE LOVES ME. my favorite was the battery full notification, which for some utterly unknown reason was set as a PRIORITY notification, which meant it disobeyed the 'do not disturb' setting i use overnight... but wasn't even in the list of apps that 'do not disturb' allowed me to set as priority or not, so i had to wait for it to notify me & then long-press on the notification to THEN have the ability to shut it down. OKAY WHY

but on the upside, it's fast as fuck, i like being able to unlock it with a fingerprint, it charges quickly, discharges less quickly than the s4 (the battery still only lasts about a day, or only most of a day depending on usage, but i can work with that), can do slow-mo video (oh there will be a slow-mo montage of my snakes striking f/t prey - the s4 didn't support this), has functional apps (i can snapchat on mobile data now; no clue why it only worked on wifi before), & i've extended it with a 64gb micro SD card which will be delightful when i travel (in the past i've put extra movies on my netbook or 16gb pendrive, but i won't have to do any pendrive-to-netbook-to-phone jockeying mid-flight anymore).

no boy, next toy?!?! i'm considering an oculus rift or gear vr or whatever. why not immerse myself further in my absolute solitary confinement? anything that distracts me from my starving isolation in this world for a minute right?!?!?! YAY