October 13th, 2018


greece, albania, montenegro, & croatia 2018 - part 1: seattle, athens, meteora

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sunday, september 23 & monday, september 24
Day 0 & Day 1: Arrive in Athens, airport to hotel transfers included.

Your Balkan's adventure starts in the ancient Greek city of Athens. Upon arrival into Athens airport (ATH), you'll be met by one of our representatives who will then transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day is then free for you to settle in, relax after your flight, and have a look around the area independently before meeting the group and starting the first sightseeing tours tomorrow morning.
OVERNIGHT : Athens hotel

so this trip started out... yeah. overview is i left at 11am sunday to seatac, was delayed 1.5h to vancouver, got to vancouver during boarding, made it to munich, found my athens flight canceled, rebooked through venice adding a fourth flight & two more hours in the air, was delayed another hour leaving to venice, got to venice during boarding, finally arrived to athens to find they'd utterly lost my luggage, spent a damned hour waiting in line to report my bag missing, & then found no transport waiting for me 'cause he'd fucked off when i wasn't out with the rest of the correctly-luggaged passengers. after two international phone calls to the tour company & twenty-six hours of travel, i made it to the hotel, washed my panties in the sink with bar soap, then had to call at&t for a half hour because no texts were coming through despite paying too much for their international plan, & they had to open a ticket to their engineering team. what a great trip this is already!!!

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