November 3rd, 2018


greece, albania, montenegro, & croatia 2018 - part 3: kotor, dubrovnik, split, seattle

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saturday, september 29
Day 6 : From Montenegro to Croatia

We'll continue through the tiny country of Montenegro today, en-route to Croatia. Before leaving, we'll enjoy a guided tour of Kotor, which sits on the edge of the amazingly picturesque Bay of Kotor - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We'll explore its old town and city walls before visiting the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon which was built in 1166. We'll continue along the stunning southern coast towards the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, famous for its distinctive old town and massive stone walls built in the 16th century. Once we reach Dubrovnik, we'll head out on a guided city walk, which will provide spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea. On the agenda is also a visit to the Big Onofrio's Fountain - a large fountain which was built in 1438 as part of a water-supply system that involved bringing water from a well approximately 12 kilometers away.
OVERNIGHT : Dubrovnik hotel

breakfast in montenegro featured some kind of cold pork roll stuffed with nuts & herbs, & it was a bit rich for breakfast, but delicious. Bobbsey noted the bacon is getting crispier as we go further up the coast. i had forgotten to plug the fridge & phone back in, but i did remember to tell the front desk, & i'm 90% sure they had no clue what i was talking about, haha. at 8:15am, we packed up the van & went on to kotor's "old town".

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