lish (lishd) wrote,

trip 4 of 4 - santa cruz: complete

results of this week:
dreadlock beginnings on katie: click
silly dyed hair on fizz: click, click, click
equally silly dyed hair on phil: click, click

fizz's hippie rainbow looks great considering i was working with only red, green & blue dyes. & phil's blue came out all shitty for unknown reasons - it should be exactly as bright as fizz's, & i've no idea why it isn't. anyhow, i told him to go over all of the blue with red, so i doubt he'll do that. (well, it's true. he'd only do it to prove me wrong. & that's a fine reason!)

one of the greatest excitements this trip was that i was finally tattooed by dawei zhang. it's a small piece (photos available, usual rules apply), but this was not a simple procedure. here's why:

  • i'd completely & uncharacteristically left my designs at home, & had to download them again at phil's place & get fizz to print them at her office, since phil's a slack loser who refuses to set up his printer.
  • i could NOT get a call back from dawei's shop. when i initially made the appointment, i was told i'd have to call to have a "phone consultation", & with all my stupid jet-setting, it wasn't happening. but i couldn't get a call back at ALL - i even left a voicemail the night before the appointment asking if i'm still reserved, & didn't hear from them at all. i found out later that their voicemail is teh shit, so anyone wanting work from dawei - call until you get a person, or it's like you never called at all.
  • phil said fuck it, we'll just spray paint the building if they didn't hold my reservation, so we planned to leave at 1 for the 2:30 appointment. this should've been time enough to get into santa clara, find the shop, & have a leisurely lunch. rj showed up in plenty of time, & we left phil's place at 1 as planned. at 2:10, after being fucked in our asses by for a while, we decided to ask for directions. we pulled into the first gas station & parked about two feet from a tow truck. obviously this is an important bit of information, as the starter in phil's '91 aerostar decided at THAT MOMENT to kick buckets. tow truck driver guy wasn't around, so i suggested we call the number on the side of the truck, which we did, & bob showed up a couple minutes later. thinking it was the battery & attempting to jump it caused gouts of blue smoke to plume from the engine, & rj suggested we get the fuck out, so we got the fuck out
    with a quickness. we loitered a while, i ACTUALLY got in touch with the shop (they were cool about my being late), & rj offered to spring for a cab. we split from the group & were driven to the studio by a guy in a cowboy hat & leather gloves while phil & fizz were towed somewhere in the other direction.
  • after the tattooing, which went beautifully, rj & i started wandering. i figured we could either pay fifty bucks for a cab to the mechanic's place where phil's van was being repaired, & then sit bored with them until it's done, or we could wander santa clara together, get as far as we could, & be picked up wherever when the van's fixed. so, as rj also detailed in a protected post you probably can't read, we walked around, bought hair dye to use on him later, & risked ourselves bodily on a lot of "pedestrians prohibited" highways as we edged closer to our friends. we counted ten seagrams VO bottles, minibar sized, spaced regularly over several blocks & followed by a fifth of some other seagrams booze. nice that the bums here are brand-loyal. eventually phil & fizz called & said the van would be done in fifteen minutes, so we hiked to the nearest cross street, where we fortuitously discovered a barnes & nobles. we drank jones &
    gratefully sat down to wait. i swear we walked at least five miles, but rj's calculations say just over 2.5, so whatever. i have short legs, okay? my miles are half as long as most. :D

    it's like the whole day was filled with potentially major roadblocks that became minor inconveniences. vehicle breaks down, crap, but you can reach out the window & touch a tow truck. i forgot my designs, oh hell, but i had them on my computer to retrieve. the van's not ready, guh, but we don't really have anywhere to be & i get to hang out with my brother & wander around. pretty rad.

    more rad than that, though, was that while rj & i were at walgreens buying his dye, a call comes in on his cell phone. it was lily from the studio. (partner? shop assistant? really am unsure about that one - she acts like his assistant but spoke about the work she does too, so shrug.) i figure maybe we left something there, maybe there was some credit card issue, who knows. well, i'd given dawei one of my business cards (hilarity if you've seen 'em) that links my list of approved tattoo artists, & i explained how he's not only on there, but marked specially as one of my top favorites in the world. lily was calling to tell me that as soon as i left, dawei hopped onto his computer to check out my list, & asked lily to call me immediately to tell me how honored he is to be on my list, to be marked as a favorite, that he is honored to have given me a tattoo & had to make
    sure i knew that right away. holy crap. as i explained later to phil, this would be on par with linus torvalds walking up & saying, "hey, i'm totally flattered that YOU, PHIL WHITE, use MY operating system. thanks." so that was killer.

    irony: directly next door to dawai tattoo is an auto mechanic. & there were plenty of empty bays. heh.

    so, my fourth & most ridiculous trip went great. other than the aforementioned, we played a lot of king's quest (all of I, II, & III, & IV up to the point where we were stopped by a stupid bug that QA should've found). i read a bunch of books recommended to me, & phil taught me that it's pronounced "ka-moo", which i am fine with not knowing previously because i took spanish in high school, bendejos. we stuffed ourselves silly on the most amazing sushi at pink gdzilla & horsecock burritos at jalapenos (that's a description of size, not contents). phil asked if i'd come live in santa cruz as his kept woman, & i politely declined - but can he fly me out again next year? fuck yeah, i'm all over that. thanks again for the trip, guys.

    ps. phil has a blacklight in the bathroom that i happened to flip on for a second: well, whaddya know.

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