lish (lishd) wrote,

because i can't wait to post this

kneedrawp & i were at a 10pm breakfast the other day, & for some reason* we found ourselves singing the last part of chicago's "you're the inspiration", where the vocals go all:

wenya luff sumbudday til theend of tiiiiiiiii
wenya luff sumbudday always on my
no one needs you more thaaaanI wenya

you know how it goes. anyhow, me being me, i send a text to his cell a couple days later with the above phonetics, which freaked him out something fierce & got the song, which he'd just finally expelled, directly back into his head.

& me being me, this wasn't enough. all my friends must know how much i care about them.

how much do i care about gareth? i care this much.

so much effort! all for the love of friendship. :D

now that you've heard my evilness in mp3 format, here's gareth's reaction:

<lish> i have something for you
<lish> unrelated to this fucking song haha
<lish> :D
<kneedrawp> ?
<kneedrawp> ID3 TAGGED AND ALL
<lish> :D :D :D :D
<kneedrawp> HAHAHAH FUCKING 4 MINUTES OF IT??!?!?!
<lish> hhahahahahahahaha
<kneedrawp> I am totally cracking up and coughing at the same time
<lish> ahahahahahahahahahaah
<lish> holy shit SO WORTH IT
<kneedrawp> hahahahahahahahahhhah
[ one minute passes ]
<kneedrawp> lol-- it's still on
<lish> hahahahahah
<lish> there might be a secret message in the middle or at the end!!@!!@
<lish> you'd better listen to all of it!!!@#!!#@!@#
<kneedrawp> lol-- I'm leaving it on
[ two more minutes pass ]
<kneedrawp> it's still on now
<lish> ahahaha
<lish> sooooo happy

(* really, "for some reason" is the best i can explain. neither of us do any drugs or drink alcohol.)

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