lish (lishd) wrote,

hey. i made another math joke:
<gillijen> Lars is the undefined relationship
<lish> 8=====D
<gillijen> essentially
<lish> 8=====D D~:
<gillijen> hahahaha
<lish> show me pictures
<gillijen> hold on let me find some
<gillijen> scrapbook is trying very hard to load
<lish> so's your face
<gillijen> ummm not really
<lish> wait there's a joke in there somewhere
<lish> about a load
<lish> & your face
<lish> i think it involves mr undefined
<gillijen> haha
<lish> you should call him 1/0
<gillijen> hahahahaha ahhh math humor

jenna was here this weekend, too. it took an hour to find her at the airport - six trips through arrivals - because she decided the best thing to do would be to go UPSTAIRS to DEPARTURES, though i specifically said to go DOWN THE STAIRS & OUT THE DOORS. she apparently wasn't aware that all the assholes from her plane went DOWN THE STAIRS & OUT THE DOORS, nor did she notice that all the UPSTAIRS people were GETTING OUT of CARS, getting their SHIT from the TRUNK, & then GOING INTO the AIRPORT. gee, this seems like just the place to catch a ride#!@

the best part, though, was the crossing guard who i kept waving to & shrugging at as i drove through arrivals again & again. after i picked up jenna, he was SO EXCITED to see that i'd found my friend. i didn't understand the EXTRA excitement until jenna told me that he was the same guy she'd asked for help on where the fuck she was supposed to be waiting. so he must've been thinking "hey, the dumb lost girl found her friend, who turned out to be the annoyed girl who couldn't find her friend! two problems solved!"

on sunday we partied with sic737, ilikedrooling, her boyfriend joey, maribel, robbie, & belated kneedrawp, which is the largest number of people i've ever crammed into my living room. edited photos from the beach portion of the afternoon will probably appear on one of their stupid sites somewhere, including bad sideboob & guy who doesn't know skimboards aren't supposed to be ridden perpendicular to the ocean. monday i pierced jenna's septum & dyed/bleached the tips of her dreads burgundy & white-blonde, & it was good. again on the stupid pics whatever, you can wait.

but for now, as promised, photos of the 2mm cart punch i performed on starwind95 at the end of february. much less gory than the previous punch photo set: back of punch, hole, jewelry front, jewelry back.

CONFIDENTIAL TO THOSE IN THE KNOW: friday will surely be as retarded a day as i've ever experienced ever, ok. I WIN!

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