lish (lishd) wrote,

mpgtx & quelcom are my new favorite utilities.

this weekend i hung out with notpip for the first time in six years & it was great. i sure am glad he stopped being an inconsiderate jerk & went back to being the sarcastic bastard i missed.

duncan missed his flight saturday afternoon & thus missed seeing "silent hill" with us, but he made it in just before midnight. on sunday, we rented a sebring & drove down to key west. the six hour drive felt more like three or four as duncan & i gleefully ripped on each other & everything else, as is our wont.

key west is a fucking hole. don't ever go. there are two main streets & both of them loop back around on themselves. it's pretty surreal to go out driving at 11pm & be unable to find ANYTHING interesting. then again, we didn't do any touristy stuff - we were more interested in seeing where people live, which are in these awful little run-down shacks. i can't understand why anyone would want to live there, & it seems the only ones who DO live there are the employees of the seedy restaurants & hotels. even the beach was too sketchy looking for us to approach.

randomly, around midnight, we came across the big concrete buoy marker for the southernmost point of the continental US. "cuba, 90mi ->". some guy who gave us a cheesy map said we definitely had to see this, & who are we to argue with the locals? so when we happened to spot the marker during our unguided self-tour of key west, we leaped out of the car & booked to it, shoving each other out of the way to reach the buoy first. we stood at the point & swore at it, then went back to the car, which we'd left running in the middle of the street. good thing there was NO ONE AWAKE on the entire island at midnight. seriously, i think we were the only ones having any fun at all.

then at the hotel, i got very sick from the very tasty food we ate at a very good restaurant. that part ruled. thanks for poisoning me, key west. maybe that's why everyone seems so depressed.

we stayed overnight on the island & drove back monday. on the way, it was empirically shown that approximately one in five cars driving on the stretch between key west & the end of i-95 is a sebring. i am not exaggerating even a little. we tried to yell to each one, "i like your sebring! do you like our sebring?" but it eventually became overwhelming as duncan regularly pointed out two & three sebrings in a row. we also invented & played a brand new, fucking hilarious car game which made our abs ache & turned the six hour return trip into MAYBE an hour & a half of driving, i swear. so much fun. i'm not telling you the details of this awesome game because fuck you.

tuesday was calmer. i worked while duncan bought an actual pair of kangaroo sneakers (who remembers them?) at marshall's, then we ate the $8 slice of key lime pie at houston's (worth every penny), & that evening duncan got to meet sic737. wednesday morning i took him back to the airport. we saw this great license plate on the way, which is right up there with this one i saw a few months ago, & that was a nice ending since we are both giant linux dorks. all in all, a fantastic visit.

& duncan left me with 120G of MST3K, so hooray for that, too. no, you can't have any. & the title of this post references the highly bizarre mpegs i took of duncan on the trip... if you ask nicely, he might put them up for you to snort-laugh at. might.

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