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(it would behoove you to read parts one & two first.)

interesting moment #4: jenna HATED kansas. see, since jenna hadn't driven a trailer before, & our overloaded uhaul made this NOT the trip to learn on, we decided that jenna's main responsibility would be staying awake at all times. it's only smart to have two people awake on long overnight drives like this, when you're turtling all your possessions & your friends' possessions on your back. her sitting through 30mph shitty kansas weather wasn't nearly as bad as my having to DRIVE through it, but i'd at least gotten a nap in there. so at the chug 'n lug, or whatever the weird midwest gas station was called, something odd occurred. apparently, jenna hated kansas SO much that she wanted permanent reminders of her hatred to be stuck on all of our refrigerators - yes, jenna bought us all kansas magnets. i was given the map of the state magnet, which showed the half of shithole kansas i'd driven & the town we were currently refueling in. jenna bought a rainbow-swirly colored magnet with the state's name for herself, claiming the state made her feel dopey & psycho, & i forget which she gave to chris. this event wasn't quite AS bizarre until i flipped my magnet over & saw the $4.95 price tag. jenna hated kansas so much that she... contributed fifteen bucks to their economy. strange girl.

anyhow, because of jenna's babysitting skills (& a large caffeinated soda), chris was rested enough to take over around 2:30am to finish off kansas. it should also be noted that jenna could not hold her water, & we quickly pulled over on an exit for her to pee directly ON kansas. she enjoyed that. i slept as well as i could while chris drove us into colorado.

we pulled onto jenna's cousin's street around nine am, where we would be staying that night. they were some of the coolest people i've met recently, & i was even basically okay with their kids. at their house, i met up with man_eatingtaco to start her dreads & try to ignore her breastfeeding her new kid every twenty seconds. jenna & chris promptly passed out for four to six hours while i labored on hair; by the time i was done, it was too late to nap, so i just elected to stay awake until ten pm, at which point we all went back to bed & did not surface until ten am. this was the first truly GOOD sleep i'd had since saturday night, before the truck packing began.

chris started us driving at about one pm on august fourth into wyoming, & it was generally agreed that wyoming is pretty. jenna had been obsessively singing girlyman's "moose in the road" for several days now, with alternate lyrics as required (none of which would be funny to put into text OR phonepost, ahem jenna), & much to her delight i spotted her a plush moose handbag at a gas station. she, of course, purchased it, as well as some weird wolf paw wyoming magnet. what's with the crappy state magnets, jenna?

after wyoming, we hit utah & idaho, & i took the wheel somewhere in there. chris had elected to drive beyond his six hour shift in hopes of exhausting himself thoroughly enough to actually be ABLE to sleep, & it seemed to work well enough. i took over around ten pm & drove another long night into oregon.

sometime that night while refueling, i found a cell phone fairly well smashed up, but it worked when i pieced it back together. i checked the voicemails (allen wanted me to come to the party tonight, cool), i read someone else's text messages (david loves me! but my sister doesn't want to talk to our mom.), & made two quick calls to drew before deleting the addressbook & briefly signing on to aim (testing4l, did you see me?). i made a mistake in shutting down the phone, because it started back up with a password & then locked me out, but i wasn't terribly disappointed since my own cellphone has over forty hours of minutes built up on it. i don't do much business by phone. anyone want an old nokia?

so, the mountains of oregon were fairly uneventful; chris & i swapped back around five am, then again a few hours later as our exhaustion really set in. we stopped somewhere just outside washington for some seven am sandwiches; i ate half of mine & put the rest on the floor to keep it warm for later. chris slept decently as i crossed us into washington, & he drove again for the last few hours of the trip as i slipped into & out of unconsciousness, wanting to see washington (one of the few states i'd never before visited) but ultimately being too tired to care that much.

interesting moment #5: getting back into the truck after our last fuel stop, sleepy lish said to jenna, "can i put baby in the corner?" jenna immediately agreed, after somehow silently & quickly interpreting this to mean, "please can i sit in the slightly more accommodating passenger seat instead of the middle seat so i can get some rest?" which was completely accurate. nice.

at around three pm, we pulled into jenna's new driveway. or rather, chris pulled in near it, then he blocked traffic as i backed the trailer up the driveway so we could unload her crap. fortunately, she had the least crap of all of us, because unloading a truck after driving for twenty-six hours & barely sleeping is not exactly an experience willingly repeated. jenna's hippie commune turned out to be more of a shared house with some lesbians & fruit trees than anything really commune-like, & jenna was quite pleased with her little 12x12' shed/bedroom thing. the loft area just fit her mattress, & that was pretty rad. i mostly ate wild blackberries & brought chris & jenna glasses of water as they worked to unload; i'm really not designed for heavy lifting.

back in the truck again, we negotiated our way to my new boss's studio, where we would be staying until we found an apartment. the studio is located on this ridiculous hill, & i swear the truck was going to topple over trying to get it into the driveway. so we parked on the street, & chris backed the truck into the driveway later after i freed my car & we returned the trailer. my boss took us out to a delicious restaurant at the marina & we regaled her with road stories & tried to stay conscious until ten pm. we succeeded, & she left us at the studio to sleep on the air mattress one of her assistants had lovingly donated to the new florida orphans.

conclusion: we made it. thanks to those who text messaged us along the way; the break in the monotony was much appreciated.

coming soon - part four of three: the fucking apartment debacle.

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