lish (lishd) wrote,

so, i dermal punched joe's nostrils in february (3.5mm punches; 8ga single flare Ti eyelets). he'd been thinking of a ring at the inside of each eyebrow & a thicker ring in each nostril; instead, i showed him placement marks for a barbell at the outer edge of each brow & what 8ga nostril punches would look like with them. he was immediately into it. rings wouldn't suit his lifestyle & his bridge is too broad to make central work look like anything, but these balance him just beautifully. so a month later, *punch*, *crunch*, *bleed*, they are done. they fucking look amazing & compliment his face in a way which seems almost impossibly well suited. graphic photographic proof:

  • marked, top view
  • marked, front view
  • marked, down angle view
  • first punch finished, jewelry in
  • bleeding red blood
  • happily continuing to bleed
  • finished, front
  • finished, top view
  • finished, rawr view
  • 3.5mm chunk of nostril

  • of course, a couple days later he loofah'd one of the eyelets right out of his face & down the shower drain. well done. fortunately, we were able to replace it, which wasn't guaranteed - he's wearing peculiar, half-drilled 8ga eyelets i've never seen before & which seem to no longer be made. they look fully drilled from the front, but the non-flare side is solid. this turned out to be a benefit, though, as we discovered that fully hollow jewelry whistles in his nose. heh.

    anyhow, as i mentioned, we still have four dermal punches & three scalpels to use on him, so stay tuned.

    in other news, i have new, upwardly-mobile employment. this won't mean much to most of you, as i stopped publically discussing my place of business six years ago. (who knows why?! shh don't say the name!) but those i haven't told who think they are those i would tell, you can feel free to email me. really, you should just skip it entirely, as the details of my cloyingly fat benefits package are just going to make you queasy. for example, they gave me a flexpass - meaning i can ride any public trans any time & anywhere for free. i don't even have to pay for gas to get to work now. that rules.

    & hooray for james, who is finally starting the process to have his tits chopped off. he thinks he can get around the biohazard scare by claiming judiasm, which means he needs to get his amputated parts back to bury them in a jewish cemetary so he can meet up with them again in heaven - but the real reason to get his tits back is so we can tan them & make coin purses. it entertains me greatly to think of keeping my money in a jewish titpurse. fun! (kate, you MUST be loving this.)

    i also saw modest mouse play a strange show which was set up about four days before it happened. we won tickets, saving us $60 (which wasn't technically saving us anything, as i wasn't about to pay $30 each to see a band i paid $12 to see a few years ago), & apparently tickets were "sold out" before they even went on sale. weird. regardless, they were spectacular.

    that's it. no one really wants to hear the details of how jessie taught me to deduct & saved me $900 on my taxes, & we won't have the results of the swimmer test until friday, so that's all you get for now.

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