lish (lishd) wrote,

as people may recall from previous posts, i am a genius with credit & getting free shit. example 1: i signed up for a credit card at home depot last month & got a free fire safe (retail: $47) for my trouble, then came home & canceled the card. example 2: i recently signed up for a chase card which bonused me with a $250 check after making one purchase. this came at just about the same time that the citibank card referenced in the above link discontinued their 5% back program, so i ended up keeping the chase card after talking them into giving me 3% back on those same types of purchases. in 11 years of using credit cards, i have never once paid interest & i have earned a shitton of cash & prizes. having good credit RULES. anyhow, i've done it yet again.

this week, capital one contacted me about how i haven't used their card in, oh, a decade. it was my first credit card, & i keep the account open only because it's a Bad Idea to close your oldest credit account. they asked what they could do to make me use their card. i said that state farm bank offers me 1% back on everything, & chase gives me 3% back on gas & grocery stores, so if they can offer me more, i'll use their card. i ended up putting in an application for a new card which gives 1% per year with an additional 25% end-of-year bonus, effectively giving me 1.25% back. of course i was approved, because everybody wants to finance me.

being sneaky & all, i called state farm to ask if they could give me yet more than cap1 is offering, but they can't. so i requested my reward dollars up to present, & the SF card will now become my emergency card. capital one gave me double the credit limit of the card i had with them previously, & half again what state farm gives me. i now hold more than my yearly base salary in credit power.

speaking of my yearly base salary, i was promoted at work this month. it seems i did not make this news nearly as wide-spread as i thought i did, so email me if you're interested in the details. i will probably not ignore your email maybe.

joe update: apparently joe eats ice cream while drunk. apparently joe eats MY ice cream while drunk, & denies the chocolate on his chin the next morning. well, if he ever gets fat, i'll know that all i have to do is lock the freezer at night. definition of "gall": after determining that evening that he'd eaten a bunch of my ice cream, he still asked for a bite.

tattoo update: as referenced, work by ben moss is in progress & he's doing an outstanding job of it. i am throwing a lot of money at this, but boy is it worth it.

ps: HAVE SOME PONY MILK. i'll pass on the ASS MILK, thanks.
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