lish (lishd) wrote,

well here's something to discuss

but first, a story.

so some insane chick from new york took a greyhound to our apartment last weekend to have her dreads maintenanced. three days on a greyhound isn't good for anyone's posture, mental health, or diet, considering they stopped only at fast food "restaurants" the entire trip. anyhow, the retardedness exhibited by our dear meghan in making the choice to take the bus was topped only by the retardness shown when she first arrived...

seeing the downstairs neighbors in the yard with their dogs, meghan immediately unlatched the gate & walked up to them, dragging her luggage & expecting a warm welcome. my neighbors, who are very sweet people, didn't say "who are you looking for" or anything which might have clued meghan in, but instead said, "are you staying the night?" which made her feel immediately awkward, as she & i had well discussed that she'd be staying over at least that night & potentially longer. so after going into, "ummmmmm uhhhhh welll, uhhhh lish?" mode, the neighbors were able to direct her around to the front of the house & the doorbell for our apartment.


anyhow, meghan's great & we're hoping to make her move out here for college. i did some work on her dreads & then bleached out her bangs & forelocks. her specific pics are here if you'd like to have a look.

now, on a less pleasant note, a 20yo boy-hopping friend of mine is now engaged after just a few months of knowing someone. i'm justifiably horrified, & in response to her very "i love him so much more than ever & his kids are just great" post on myspace, i commented the following:


i don't disapprove of your relationship or your decisions. i just want for you to know him longer before you do this.

divorce rate's over 50%. if you're oh-so sure you're right for each other, then waiting another year before setting the wedding date should be no problem.

it's not a question of knowing the person. it's also about being able to grow & change with that person & not have it all go to shit. i wish the best for you, but i am not at all confident that your marriage is going to be a success.

it's not personal, believe me. i said the same thing to robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands this weekend. jenna responded, "yeah, we're not setting the actual date until 2009," which was a much better response than your "thank you for your input" or whatever.


*pain*. it went on a bit beyond that, but nothing which gave me any sort of further confidence in her very expedited decision. comment at will.

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