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joe made macaroni & cheese with eggnog tonight. he says it's good. i don't like cheese, so i didn't try it, but it sure sounds disgusting.

so, the present i got joe for our anniversary has a history. several years ago, my best girlfriend started dating a very good match for her & they quickly & reasonably became very serious. for his birthday, she bought him a gorgeous pocketwatch that was really outside of her budget at the time. it's steel, the gears are all visible, the cover has a window, & it's really a very cool piece. anyway, she & i had a falling out late that year, but the next year, i saw the same watch in a store. i decided that i would purchase it & save it for MY match, & give it to him on our first anniversary.

after the fantastic year i've spent with joe, of course it's now his watch. i gave it to him with a disclaimer that he doesn't have to wear it if he doesn't want to, as it wasn't picked out specifically for *him* but more for the idea of him, & that just his having it is enough for me - but he's been wearing it pretty much daily & clearly enjoys having it. yay!

now, to follow up on my last post, we skipped the aquarium because it was small & overpriced, but the b&b that joe took us to for our anniversary was *awesome*. we drove up to stanwood & then most of the way down camano island to reach the blue moon beach house. we stayed in the sea star room (pics on the site), & spent our time watching movies & cable tv (the latter a real rarity for us) in front of the gas fireplace, soaking together in the big raised tub, & eating...

oh, the eating.

the breakfasts were amazing - the first morning was gingerbread pancakes topped with fresh pears, vanilla yogurt, & a very thin syrup; the best sausage we've had in some time; & fresh fruit. the second morning, new year's day, they brought us frittata with sundried tomatoes, rosemary, & other goodness; really tasty chicken sausage; strawberries with fresh whipped cream; & little homemade bundt coffee cakes. we also had orange juice each morning, plus hot cocoa (obviously made on a stove with milk) for me & coffee for him. breakfasts were served in our room, & there's really nothing like sleepily rolling out of bed & waking up to a tableful of deliciousness.

we drove up to bellingham yesterday & did some random shopping, & i found & photographed a near-lifesize stencil of a running horse skeleton on the side of a building, which i have all plans on turning into a tshirt. last night being new year's eve, they gave us a couple of party poppers (the firecracker kind, not amyl nitrate), & as was noted in their "stuff to do" book, we requested a fire & s'mores for midnight. we let them know that we're familiar with fire & they don't need to be there to deal with it for us (the b&b owners are a really cool, friendly, young-ish couple, but seemed the "9pm is late enough" sort), & they indeed left us a big bowl of marshmallows & graham crackers & chocolate with a lighter & a log-cabin setup in the fire pit.

joe & i kissed into the new year, & watched five or six sets of fireworks go off across port susan from our private deck. when they finished, we went downstairs for a secluded fire & s'mores, which made us smell delicious in the winter air. we came back upstairs & had a long soak in the tub, scented jasmine with salts. then i did horrible, wonderful things to him which will shortly be shown in photo format on naughty_knotty. (you can request the non-friends-only link from me in email for the last post or the upcoming one if you like!)

so that was our holiday & our new year's & we rule. back to work tomorrow.

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