lish (lishd) wrote,

i won a 30g black zune at work for being more awesome than anyone else for three months in a row. so now there are two media players i've received free from this place. of course, being a microsoft product, the zune is reliably UNfriendly towards linux systems. so, in yet another showing of how i'm a double black diamond social engineer, i convinced circuit city to take it back on exchange (as it was a gift!), & i paid an extra $35 to get a 30g creative zen vision:w. & boy is this toy the superior toy. it plays avi, divx, & wav, none of which the zune will touch; has expandable memory, a voice recorder, organizer & dc jack (wtf zune, only usb trickle-charge unless you buy a dock?); & has a bigger 4.3" widescreen vs 3" on the zune. hooray for toys i have no real reason to own except that i won them! yay!

so chris threw on a bunch of movies & oldschool tv shows from his windows network, & at home i found that gnomad2 will read it without any complaint. (this is, mind you, the only gnome-based program i run, & one of only a few GUI programs on my system - we all know i'm a CLI girl.) it's a lot slower on my machine, but fuck it - i can set it up to transfer overnight if needs be.

more technology: joe & i had to buy a new receiver for the stereo recently. the sony piece i purchased in illinois in 1997 & lugged around to three subsequent states finally started clicking its last - randomly muting the sound for a couple of minutes until it clicked again back to life. one of the stranger deaths i've seen from stereo equipment. six stores later (& a lot of highly inept salesfolk), we found a great deal for a new sony receiver plus dvd player plus five speakers & a subwoofer. so finally my system will have proper speakers with it instead the mashup of 6ohm magnavox & 8ohm KLH i've been using. in the main room, that is - i'm keeping the sweet woodbox KLH speakers i have in the bathroom which run on their own channel from the receiver.

in other cash-tastic news, i had my fifth laser treatment on my crotch & underarms this month. i am nearly bald & it's oh-so awesome. i went from shaving all the time & having stubble a few hours later to not having to shave pretty much ever. i've decided to have a few more treatments beyond the package of five i bought in an attempt to get down to TOTALLY bald, & the clinic is giving me a discount for each additional sitting. nice. if anyone local wants a pelt removed, let me know - they give us each a price cut for referrals.

& in regards to my selling braeden this month, robin sent me some amazing photos of post-coital snake cuddling. email if you want them; they're much too syrupy sweet to simply post here.

ok, time to fill the zen with audiobooks & porn. happy easter!

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