lish (lishd) wrote,

so, may 27th marked my first needle piercings in over five years, & i also made a giant hole in joe's inner conch.

i punched joe's ear first, a 6mm punch for 2ga jewelry. it went beautifully, of course, much like the last punches i performed on him. he bled not-too profusely, though interestingly it clotted pretty much immediately & practically into gel. i guess that's what happens when you deprive an energy drink addict & rum aficionado of caffeine & alcohol all day. i'd suggested the big punch last year to counter the idea he had, which wasn't great: to mirror his right ear by putting another three 10ga captives in his outer helix. awesome in his right, but boring, & very "last starfighter" to do a second set. we kept putting it off because he's been in too much pain bodily to enjoy the pain of punching, but after moving into the new apartment & my perfect cleaning spree the week before, it was finally time.

  • before
  • 6mm punch through
  • lovely bloody hole
  • catching his blood
  • 2ga taper through
  • 2ga Ti eyelet installed
  • close-up
  • back view
  • happy thok!
  • very happy thok.
  • the ever-enjoyable rawr view
  • portrait
  • 6mm chunk of ear, side & top views

  • as for me, i'd decided months ago that my left ear needed a little something more to complement my lobes. when i photoshop'd on a couple more tiny disc-end barbells onto my upper lobe (see mockup here), my idea was set. i pierced both of mine an hour after finishing joe's, so we could hurt together & bleed together & heal together & har har shut up i'm romantic. anyhow, both are just 14ga & have temporary long jewelry for now, as the permanent stuff i bought is totally form-fitting. they came out great. i put up a pre-bme teaser pic here, but i'm holding off on the full set until i have my final jewelry in. they'll be linked here & on my art page when they're up.


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