lish (lishd) wrote,

it's been a while since i updated. have some paragraphs.

it's bittersweet to find a tribute cd put out in benefit for the mounting medical bills of one of your favorite artists... but only to've discovered this album after the artist in question has already died. RIP lance hahn 10-07. i bought the CD new nonetheless, sigh.

i held Joe Appreciation Day a couple of weeks ago. i stuck him in the car, didn't tell him where we were going, & drove an hour to lower wallace falls so he could stomp around outside of the city for a few hours. i then took him to what i hoped would be a you-pick farmer's market, so i could get him either a pumpkin (he'd just bought a carving knife for halloween) or a bushel of apples (as he's allergic to them raw & has been wanting to make a ton of applesauce), but it ended up just being a normal fresh market. i instead got him a jar of local bee honey, which he loves. then the restaurant i'd researched was closed & gone, so we meandered until we found something else, & i bought him dinner. it was surprisingly tasty.

there were two points of rescheduling on the fly, but he was so happy to just be out of seattle that it didn't matter one whit. amusingly, after i started organizing the day, i checked - the site noted i should "plan a scenic trip" on that day, heh. OK! anyway, here's his brief writeup if you'd like to cross-reference.

elizabeth & geoff came to visit all last week from chicago, which was awesome. this is the girl i surprised the hell out of several years ago. it was a grand time & joe made sure they got to see lots of silly seattle touristy stuff. more people i like need to move here, i swear.

i also rediscovered that will send email notifications on shipments. additionally, they allow you to add a note to each email, so you can say "tracking my new tv" or "pile of dogshit packed in styrofoam peanuts for my ex*". i found that this is a great way to amuse yourself while waiting for your shit to arrive. case in point:

From: UPS Quantum View <>
Subject: UPS Tracking Notification, Tracking Number 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At the request of your mom, this notice alerts you of the status of the
shipment listed below.

Message from your mom: FUCK MY TIGHT CUNNY

Tracking Detail
Your package has experienced an exception.


i'll have a couple new picture posts to link soon, so those interested in that sort of thing can hold off on suicide for a little while longer.

ok, you're done now. go read elsewhere.

* this is awesome because the first thing anyone does upon receiving a box of styrofoam peanuts is to dig in with both hands.

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