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so, my birthday was the twenty-first, as many of you know, & i'd say this was my most presented birthday ever. it started on thursday, when i had the opportunity to buy myself two guitar hero controllers & three games for only fifty bucks from a chick at work. i love when coworkers need cash fast. :D i came home that afternoon to flowers (which were really bizarre to find on the doorstep) & a garmin c580 from a relative of mine (which i had to wait until midnight-oh-one to open, heh). & that was just the beginning!

joe & i had both taken off from work on friday & monday. friday, after joe & i had been out wandering for a few hours, jessie, chris, & joe all made dinner from scratch for me - jessie's fresh egg noodle pasta, chris's delicious blush sauce, & the organic, free-range chicken joe had been marinating for a couple days in the fridge. (how did i not realize that was part of my birthday dinner?) it was all very full of yum.

then the three of them gave me a pretty stupendous gift: glassworking lessons with jessie, totaling sixteen hours of shop time with her plus a hundred bucks in supplies. i've been Really Really Wanting to take her class, but time had been an issue, as i was working when she was teaching. we're trying to set up my first lesson for monday, & i have a bunch of ideas i'd like to try (many of which, if successful, would create awesome things for my ears, of COURSE). they made me five little construction paper cards with googly eyes & pompoms glued to them - four cards each good for four hours of studio time, & one for the supplies. presentation: A++ extra credit.

plus joe also gave me a ZIPPO HANDWARMER. um hi, amazing? who knew these even exist? he's such the best for always making sure i'm toasty. :D

jenna & james finally made it over later, & we all watched a movie jessie introduced with the following:

jb: "lish, i have a special birthday surprise for you. i called your mother..."
me: "um funny joke right?"
jb: "...& she sent me a videotape of your birth..."
me: "um."
jb: <presents the movie "alien" with a florish>

so we watched that & "aliens", & i assigned roles to everybody. i let joe be bill "game over, man! game over!@" paxton, jessie was sigourney, & jenna got to be "everyone that has died", which meant a lot of other people's characters eventually became jenna.

jessie also made a lovely fruit tart in lieu of cake, at my request. jessie, you may recall, also made me this cake a couple years back, & made chris's "giant swiss roll" cake for his recent birthday, using mint ice cream. she is awesome at food, i swear. joe had purchased the strawberries, grapes, blueberries, & apricot jam jessie used for this, & had somehow also sneaked those items into the fridge without my noticing at all. which is particularly impressive, really, as i tend to homph fruit with a quickness.

jenna & james are too broke for presents, so they instead did a horrifying & thankfully clothed rendition of lesbone scissoring. i have pics. i'm not sure i should post them.

thanks also to the weird anonymous lj-gift giver who put sushi on my profile page. though, i think this was probably greenwellies accidentally logged out, as he later paypal'd me a hefty sum to take joe & myself out to sushi, which i'm very much looking forward to this weekend.

i'm off to the post office now, to swap some jewelry with my friend splatterhouse - a shitton of pics are coming regarding that once everything's done, & it'll end up here much like the last post. i consider this part of my birthday happiness since she finally agreed to the swap on my birthday. :D i leave you with this geeky thing that happened at work the other day. i thought a couple guys in my department kept talking about me, & i turned around:

me: "do you guys keep saying my name?"
them: "we keep saying 'lich', as in 'lich king', not 'lish'. but i like that you respond to it."
me: "well yeah, it's a combination of the two things i'm called most often."
them: "a wizard & the undead?"
me: "no, 'lish' & 'bitch'."


ps. anyone who wants to play guitar hero with or against me should come over like now. :D

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