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tough love wins again

so the married-too-soon friend referenced in this post has come back around. she's divorced now. she sent me an email on myspace apologizing for the past year, & saying she'll be staying at her mother's place for a while to get her shit together. she asked to come hang out with us when her head is right again, & i told her we'd be glad to have her.

it's not empowering to hear "you were right" in a situation like that. there's nothing good about finding out your suspicions & paranoias about someone's fiance' were correct, that you didn't get the joy of being proven wrong. but it is good that our friend is trying to come back - we missed her.

the weirder part, though, is that exactly seven days later, i received a second, almost identical "you were right" mail from another friend who was in a similar situation. he's recently divorced, too. & both mails were sent through myspace. wtf? clearly myspace makes divorces happen.

& since i haven't done any "ex stocktaking" since way back in 2004, i figured it's time for another round of that. let's see, new totals... eight have gotten married; of them, four are divorced. three now have herpes. five have made babies; of them, three have made MULTIPLE babies. gross. seven have gotten significantly fatter - & i don't mean ten or twenty pounds here, i'm talking significantly fatter. five are, by all accounts, miserable. awesome (not really awesome).

it's really easy to find out how many people have bred, by the way. all you have to do is find their blog & look at the latest entry. if it references something with a cutesy name ending in -y or -ie, they have a parasite.

anyway, on a less intense note, here're more stupid matched jewelry posts i made on stretched, & another from get_up_dread_up.

over a dozen more matched plugs -
most of my previous matches have been metalinked here. & since it doesn't appear in any pics on this post, here is my LEFT ear, heh.

so there's just nothing i could mockup to even vaguely match my wildcat blinking eye plugs or the holographic honeycombs. so, in finding they come in 2ga, i spent about $11 total for a single in each. they weren't normal 2ga plugs - they had large front flares, so the stickers actually measured about 3/8". i peeled the stickers off, trimmed them a bit with nail clippers, pasted them onto some 4ga DF acrylics, & here they are!

i lost a bit more of the eye than i'd've preferred, but i'm pretty pleased with how they came out. due to the curve of my ear, they blink at different rates. :D (for those who haven't seen these, they hold three or four images, so the blink is actually pretty slow, not just eye open or shut. they're awesome.)

i then sold the acrylic parts as "DIY-ready", since they totally were, for $7. & thus i made back a large part of my cost. :)

then i managed to snag both 4ga IS trans red & trans blue from a chick i knew a decade ago when she lived in south africa - the only two trans colors i own! - & so i've replaced the near-match 4ga trans teal i commissioned from frozenfire with something that matches my IS trans blue perfectly. i may keep the trans teal or may sell it - it's very pretty. the IS matches are shown here with my ff orange opal match.

from gt i bought a jasper plug which matches the red in my rainbow jasper, & from BAF i purchased a plum jasper pair & a hematite plug to try to match my mary ellen jasper. turns out the plum jasper matches my rainbow much better than the jasper from gt (it even has a lighter spot on the front, which you can see here), so i'm selling the red jasper as a pair & am keeping the hematite to go with the mary ellen. pictured between them is my pink ivory match. i touched all three pieces of wood with SFX hair dye to even the tones & make them more red.

in a fit of genius, i made a match for my IS red rock candy acrylic, which wasn't easy. it's too ridiculously small in the acrylic tunnel, though, so i'm going to remake it with a black steel tunnel which has a much larger hole. please note i'm rabidly against anything in coated steel because they tend to flake in time, but it'll hardly have daily wear, so i'm risking it. heh. i'll replace the craptastic pic below when the new one's made, but here's what i have so far.

for anyone unfamiliar with IS rrc, here's my pair:

i also now have a matching blue superglitter plug. the 4ga in blue is BARELY blue - the BAF stock photo shows how diluted it is, so i used a blue sharpie on the back & sealed it with clear nailpolish. i may end up using them as bases for a DIY project though, since i'm not thoroughly stoked on this color on me. also shown is my new 4ga GG DF clear plug for my nailpolish match which steel navel sent me.

ryan has again made me a ridiculously small planet plug. much like my mars & pebble plugs, he made a 4ga "neptune" match. ryan said it looks more like a pluto, & that DOES kind of makes sense if you think about it in perspective, though i suppose the pluto plug would have to be about 20ga to really be in perspective... but i don't think it looks very good with the neptune. ryan actually (& sweetly) sent both plugs he tried to make match the neptune, so i have two slightly-different-blue tiny plutos i'll either sell & replace with a greenish match, or use the plugs i have to nailpolish up a fake neptune on the back.

i think it looked better with one of my IS dichros backwards. the dark cobalt worked better imo:

& finally, the saddest (for you guys): i snagged a 4ga abalone shell in horn from the junk drawer on steelnavel, & used purple & blue sharpies & clear nailpolish to make a match to the paua. obviously i have to wear them now. so i am. :D

that photo doesn't show it very well, so here's a closeup of the paua match:

ok, i'm really getting down to the end of matches (unless i find more awesome 3/4" of course). i'm trying to find something good to match my GD silver skull plugs, my wildcat acid plugs, & the trichroics. i'm working on an idea for my butterfly plugs, but i'm open to suggestion on the others.

& ps, the black colorfront never really matched my power plugs, so i made this. it's nailpolished right onto the back of the black colorfront for convenience. :D


i know, it's ridiculous. enjoy.

painted opalites -
i recently picked up a pair of opalite tunnels, much to splat's chagrin. :D they're more translucent than my opalite plugs, & opalite translucency looks yellow, which i hate. so i painted the backs in red. now they pop with light behind them! the shots below show them normal in-ear, & then a couple shots with degrees of light behind. ska had also sent me a bunch of 4ga stuff she didn't want, & an opalite was in the bunch - so i painted the back of it, too. :D

more matching pics are coming, just you wait.

pigtail hat -
it almost never snows in seattle, but there's plenty enough of it out there today for a free day off work. :D i'm bundled up warm in black fleece & my ponytail hat. i figured this'd be a nice opportunity to take a comparative pic.

pigtail hat in early january:

& now, late december:

same jacket, different apartment. :D i made the hat from a pattern in the memories.

here are other recent posts if you missed them: click & click.


& simply to spite his backdating-avoids-the-friends-page trickiness, here's a direct link to what joe posted about our anniversary in december. also a link to his very disgusting deep clean post (also mirrored on his page on my site). love it up, bitches.


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