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CAT #1: another weekend at the blue moon beach house. we were supposed to go for our anniversary in december, but ended up frozen out - there was so much snow in the area that the beach house's pipes froze. so we rescheduled for VD & had a blast. since i know you're wondering: breakfast #1 was eggs benedict, roasted asparagus, & blackberry yogurt featuring fresh, plump blackberries & homemade oat crumb topping. breakfast #2 was coconut cinnamon french toast with blueberries, the best sausage ever (as before), & rounds of honeydew & canteloupe. plus sweet orange juice, real hot cocoa, & coffee for joe. we were also treated to in-house hand-dipped chocolate strawberries & sparkling cider when we returned from adventuring on sunday. & yes, we have pics to edit for naughty_knotty.

CAT #2, more deliciousness: lish-arranged pot luck dinner+movie nights. slices of broiled, seasoned chicken on salad greens, creamy mashed potatoes, garlic dressed kale, sesame pork & pasta, two types of potato salad, & homemade chocolate chip cookies. plenty for everyone, & food comas all around during the movie. you are jealous & wish you were invited.

CAT #3: fat tax returns! plus it totally rules realizing the interest i made on my savings accounts last year paid in full for all but one sitting of the tattoo work i acquired in 2008. i think i'll make that my goal again for this year. :D

CAT #4: i picked up a new old keyboard on ebay. as i predicted in april 2004, my current M2 has indeed survived "five or six years" - it's starting to get flaky along the top row, so i have a bit of time left, but it's great to have a fully tested & working M2 sitting in the shadows waiting for its call. i hope i can always find these. they're 25 years old now & i've still never used a keyboard which compares.

amusingly, another sold on ebay a couple weeks later - for close to $30 over what i paid. HAR. i rock the snipe.

CAT #5, so wrong: remember this? i got to playing it for joe the other day, & finally decided to tack the proper ending of the song on it. so it now has a natural fade at the end which inspires you to play it again. :D here's the link to just the looping version. & while i was at it, i made a much more evil surprise loop version where i tacked the original beginning of the song back on, too. click here & save it to trick/torture/emotionally devastate your friends. :D

less completely awesome things: making the transition to digital tv. it wasn't tough to wire into the system, & i already bought a dvd recorder a few months back, but now it takes two remotes just to watch a friggin' show. some channels come in great, & we get more of them, but channels with poor reception go mute or stutter instead of just being mildly staticky. ah well. seems we now have until june to figure it out anyhow? fuck it.

ok, on to some recent jewelry & hair stuff, click as you will. i have perhaps 483025 more matches/DIY plugs in the works, but the rest are all waiting for parts this week, so it's just the one for this post.

buttefly plug match + jewelry pouch -


that's right. i kept searching ebay for the cheapest piece of blue morpho wing, & finally found a single wing in thin acrylic for $9 shipped. it was meant as a necklace, & took two weeks to get here from malaysia, but it was perfect.

i bought a 6mm dermal punch to get a nice circle of wing, & ended up having to cut several pieces out - this shit was IMPOSSIBLE to work with. the cut pieces basically fell into three parts: the two visible sides of the wing which were stuck to the acrylic sheeting, & this tiny net-like layer in the middle, lighter than an eyelash. the first time i managed to reconstruct the three layers, i tried to superglue the edges of the plastic together... it seeped between them & turned the wing black. i also tried a larger piece of acrylic on top, or using tape instead of glue, but both failed miserably. i eventually managed to use the smallest bit of clear nailpolish to encase the punch & only blackened the barest edges, heh. you can see some of the misfires here:

i'd also been looking for a seamless silver ring to really mock up the match, but couldn't find anything but jump rings with a split. as it was sold as a necklace, there was a jump ring attached to the wing, too - when i noticed it was the perfect size, i said fuck it & went with it. later i realized i could cover the split with a miniscule piece of aluminum foil, & that looked even better. you can't see the split, the foil, or the barely black edges from more than a few inches away anyhow, & only you guys will be looking any closer. :P without further ado, the pics:

let me know if anyone wants the rest of the wing for their own DIY. best offer. ;)

plus i made a little plug travel pack. as i mentioned, i bought these headphones, which sound great but don't have room for my plugs. naked-lobed, they fit completely over my ears, so they double beautifully as earmuffs. !wind + !cold = !frostbitten lobes, eh? so i sewed a little pouch so i could bring glass to work without knocking around in my pocket or against my keys.

there's a divider in the middle, which you can see here against my blue moon pebbles. (i used those to judge as they're some of the overall largest plugs i have):

the divider folds down against the uppermost plug to protect it from a little snap at the top:

& i can safely stuff this in a pocket without harming my jewelry:

enjoy. :D

dread pics - gifted hats -
journalface sent me some lovely warm stuff she made - two hats from a merino/cashmere blend, & a wrap from merino. they're beautifully constructed & super soft, & of course i'm going to show them off. my dreads are fifteen months old now.

i like how this pigtail hat makes my dreads almost heart-shaped from the back.

initially i thought her design for this hat wouldn't work since the holes seem to be kind of low, but it gives me pigtails in pretty much just where i'd want them to still be able to walk through doorways - a bit further back & not straight out. very nice.

next, the full hat. i'm shocked & pleased that it fits.

& finally, the solid wrap. it has two different sides of patterning (shown here right & left). it'll take some experimenting to find out if one side has more stability for wear at my nape.

thanks again, katie!
(& if anyone sees these on her etsy, don't sweat it - i told her already she can steal them for advertising if she likes. :D )

hello from lish's happy roots -

everyone should take some flippy pics & post them this week. so much fun!

other recent, less insane pics are here. :D

& today's lobe jewelry is this (more, more, more) for those interested. (the 4ga match was my own creation. see my lj for tons more on DIY plugs.)


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