lish (lishd) wrote,

oh hi! let's talk about food & then about jewelry. YOU SEE HOW I STRIVE TO ACCOMMODATE ALL READERS OF MY STUPID LIVEJOURNAL?

allow me to introduce you to a culinary delight: squashtatoes. jessie first concocted of these when we had some butternut squash delivered in our organic bin & no clue what to do with it. she boiled it & mixed it 1:1 with potatoes, & OMG. i didn't know anything except garlic could make mashed potatoes even more delicious than they are to begin with. a recent organic bin came with THREE butternut squashes, so i smashed those with a previous bin's two enormous idaho potatoes & a pound & a half of fingerlings with their skin, & i'm in starchy root heaven.

i also earned a pie this week by doing a favor for a girl who works at three girls bakery in the market. she asked livejournal for a tech favor, i responded, & i've been homphing fantastic apple/cherry cinnamony awesomeness all week while converting a few audio dvds for her.

otherwise, i've booked tickets for gorthok & i to hit philly at the end of may, so heads up if you're in the area. OK NOW WHAT.

tulipwood in ebonyCollapse )

another DIY painted match!Collapse )

the red spiral dichro quest continues.Collapse )

prizmatic cabs finishedCollapse )

moss agate inlay + matchCollapse )

supernova plugs? what?Collapse )

lish's new travel box!Collapse )

i also posted a new pic of my dreads for those interested in that sort of thing. click here.

great, now go.


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