lish (lishd) wrote,

it's been a quiet month, aside from the fact that i've only had about one day off & everything's been completely insane around here. august has been the busiest month ever for my hair business; when i'm not at my day job or working on dreads, i've been busting ass on my luciferins. everything's going very well with both businesses, so i can't complain.

as noted, the reservations have been made for skydiving v2.0 with testing4l & his shiny new girlfriend. i haven't met her yet, but she's clearly a superior model to previous incarnations.

i also had time to see stellastarr at the chop suey. HOLY SHIT do they put on a fantastic show. sic737 couldn't make it, but i took some cellphone videos for him, & grabbed shawn's setlist. i later recreated the show layout for him in studio versions. :D

oh hey, it's story time!

this weekend, i had a timebomb inside me. (nope, wasn't pregnant.) let's backtrack to this past tuesday: i ate normally, nothing bizarre or uncommon, nothing of questionable freshness. late tuesday night i woke up with a gut-braid, as my brother would put it, & felt so awful the rest of the night that i ended up staying home from work both wednesday & thursday. i basically slept through both days. i didn't get a good sense of what had poisoned me, but figured it might've been the chicken & bacon panini i'd had for lunch.

friday morning i returned to work, again ate normally... then after lunch, finished the half an odwalla smoothie i'd left in the fridge. i didn't give it a thought until i got home, when my guts started roiling in the same way as before.

odwalla had poisoned me. twice. fucking santa cruz.

i called my office & had a coworker pull the container from the trash. though i'm highly opposed to drugs - including OTC - i'm not crazy, & would seek to medicate against a repeat of tuesday night if possible. so i swigged some pepto, proactively took an imodium an hour later, & spent the next part of the night experimenting with what causes pain & what doesn't. if i sat forward in a chair or curled up on the sofa, no discomfort. if i stood, pain. most oddly, if i stood but stuck out my stomach as far as i could, all felt totally normal - except that i was forcibly sticking my stomach out, of course. (i naturally engage my core when upright, so it's extra bizarre to not only push my stomach out, but also let all the muscles there go slack.)

intestinally, i find i tend to be awakened about an hour after falling asleep with problems i didn't have before i went to bed. jessie theorized that my normally racing metabolism might go into super slow-mo when i sleep, so perhaps anything left in my stomach can then start to cause havoc. all i know is if i don't eat anything greasy too close to bed, i don't wake up in pain. but i didn't drink the evil odwalla close to bed - i had it with lunch, twelve hours before i went to bed.

so, figuring maybe twelve hours is the incubation period for whatever horribleness awaited me, i endeavored to outlast the gut-braid until 4am - that'd be thirteen hours after i drank poison-round-two. or if i couldn't outlast it, at least i could potentially attempt to medicate it if i'm awake to do so. an aggravating factor of having an issue creep up on me while asleep is that i'll continue to sleep through the early & midrange signs of trouble. only when the pain is fairly severe does it wake me - & i have a pretty high pain tolerance, so i'm pretty fucked by that point.

around 1am, rich returned my text, & we discussed the issue. rich is my most medically-savvy friend (with the possible exception of liquordrums, who i refuse to believe was actually a nurse until i see him in the little paper hat & short white dress). he backed up jessie's metabolism hypothesis, & added that a lot of digestive changes occur while we sleep - in specific, the production of bile. he agreed with the pepto bismol & imodium i took earlier, & further recommended some maalox or alka-seltzer. i found the latter in the cabinet, & holy fuck i did not know how disgusting alka-seltzer is. i drank it though, still hoping i'd already become immune to whatever bacterial or viral agent i had consumed.

around 4:30am, i passed out on the sofa. i didn't wake until 2pm. guts were in their normal, non-braided configuration.

i felt a little woozy saturday, but nothing major.

you bet i'm going to call odwalla on monday & bitch them the fuck out.

ok, on to copies of community-locked jewelry posts. of particular note is the full collection post; it's been quite a while since i went to the effort.

who would dare risk PAINTING MIRRORBACKS?!?!? -

well, i would, of course. especially if success would make them RED.

guess what. i accomplished it.

that's right, i own red mirrorbacks. what's UP?

the transparent paint (originally suggested by violetsteel - yay for stretched!) is fantastic, it really is. it's quite red, doesn't require a topcoat, & is very sturdy. my newly reworked spirals haven't cracked or peeled or become soft or anything - seems the trick is in letting it dry for WEEKS despite the label's promise of touch-dry in an hour & thoroughly dry in eight hours. so when some nice short-wearable silver mirrorbacks came up for cheap, i snagged them for just that purpose.



it's kind of a pain to work with, but i've adapted. the problem is that it's very difficult to apply without bubbles, but it also dries to tacky inside half a minute. & laying it on thicker on one area, which is really easy to do, makes that part substantially darker. so it's basically a situation of "apply as quickly as possible to the entire surface & then go clear all the bubbles out of it while keeping it thin & even & not breathing in its general direction". definitely a challenge.

but back to the plugs, here's a shot inlaid with their match. it's the same inlay style i used for my blue mirrorbacks, & the match is a 4ga mother of pearl on horn under the same red paint - at least until i can pick up a 4ga silver mirrorback somewhere. ;)

& in-ear:

here's a close-up of what's happening in the plug in my left ear. to get properly & realistically lit pics, i stood in front of the nearest light source & also used a flash. amusingly, it picked up some of the lamp in question (which is also one of my DIY jobs).

so i'm very pleased! the paint takes away a tiny bit of the reflective power of the mirror, but it's worth it. it also makes me glad i never bothered to pick up cherry candy plugs, 'cause these blow them away. but the mirrorbacks only came out this red because i laid down some yellow sharpie first - without that, the paint tends very slightly towards brown when put over silver. i sussed that out after working these:

that's maligator's 4ga orangy-yellow dichro, before on the left & with one coat of paint on the right. below shows them finished with two coats, alongside sapphiredonna's 8ga silver dichro (with sharpie under the paint). the first pic is without using a flash.

RED DICHRO FTW. (they're finally dry & will be back in the mail to you guys tomorrow, btw.) the 4ga were so much more RED with just that yellowish tint under them that i had to go back and redo OH HEY my SPIRALS (previous saga posts: 1, 2) yet again.

what's strange is that different plugs reacted differently to the paint, & to the paint with sharpie under it. after several test coats on the spirals (& removals with lacquer thinner), i found they worked better with orange sharpie, as yellow left them still a bit brown. & with orange i could use just one coat of red, which is great because two coats made them too dark. the mirrors, though, went best with yellow sharpie & two coats of red, same as sapphiredonna's plugs. & boy was it disturbing using lacquer thinner on the mirrorbacks - i just worked very carefully with the flange pointed downward so i could keep all traces of it away from the mirror coating on the back flare, just in case. i even rinsed them downward. worked like a charm.

so, here's a new finished pic of said spirals & my DIY match:

the match is on yellow trans dichro, so it didn't need marker. it's such a PITA to re-DIY the spiral bit, haha, but it's worth it (walkthrough noted here). i ended up using clear nailpolish to even out the spiral, as it was raised otherwise. i think (i hope?) i can finally leave them alone now. :D

[23:05] [atrophie] you need help
[23:05] [lish] haha
[23:06] [lish] now i need a 4ga silver
[23:07] [atrophie] or an intervention
[23:07] [atrophie] just sayin'
[23:07] [lish] hahahahah

joe's noseskins -
some of you have asked for pics of gorthok wearing earskins in his punched nostrils. well, here you are!

black 8ga 5/16" kaos earnoseskins:

here you can see joe's septum from the outside!

upskirt is played out. how about upnose?

it wasn't easy to get him to allow me to post these next two, so i hope you all appreciate it. :D this is me having way too much fun with noseskins, & joe being a very good sport: mesmerizing...

procedural pics are here. do note that anything hollow whistles in nostrils, so they're not the MOST brilliant idea, haha. on the upside, when drunk he's wont to lose the discontinued half-drilled IS eyelets he usually wears (solid backs = quiet!), so noseskins are an easily acquired & cheap alternative.

i'll post pics of his silver noseskins too - if he ever swaps them in, heh.

"FRAAAAACTAAAALS!" they cried, from the heavens above -

my offering of a hand-forged triskelion match was deemed acceptable, & they celebrated raucously, consuming their nectar & ambrosia with delight. they looked down at me from the enormous palace high on mount olympus, & bestowed upon me...

a spinal match.

i swear i wasn't planning on having a spinal match. i wouldn't've even bid on a pair. a few times, though, i had offhandedly & vaguely lamented that splatterhouse has the 10ga pair i bought, 'cause it could have been EPIC to have a smaller spinal for my upper lobe. so when a single in 10ga was listed on gaugetrade, i only hesitated for a moment before putting in an offer. it was just too perfect.

...except of course, that it was purple. so, like last time, i worked a while with my dremel until it was restored to THE ONLY PROPER COLOR FOR METAL. you friggin' anodizers. DOWN WITH ANODIZATION. the upside is that polishing the 10ga didn't take nearly as long as it did for the 8ga set. i learned some tricks by the end of that mess. :D

ok, so here's steadyriot's pretty before pic:

& after polishing:

he's so cute sitting on my pinky. :D

i had purchased some 5/16" dimpled rubber balls for wear in the 8ga, but BAF was out of smaller dimpled sizes for the 10ga, so i bought a couple solid ones. i was able to dimple/drill them myself, so that was good.

as some of you may remember, i recently replaced my lish-polished spinals with a true high polish pair, & my old set from splatterhouse went to designergirl60. spinals have history. :D

ok, new in-ear pics. these are through horn eyelets (& a 4ga black earskin):

& through my paul's plugs custom ebony eyelets:

i like the more substantial eyelet visually, but i fear scratching up the ebony; also, it's a total pain in the ass because i have to put the spinal through the eyelet before i put them in my ear. (think about it.) so i'll stick with the horn.

the balls all look a little big in the spinals, but 5/16" is what the 8ga come with normally, & i can't get a smaller rubber ball than 1/4" for the 10ga. it's impossible to put in metal balls, so *shrug*. they always hang a little funny; with the balls in, the spines point downward, but even atrophie's 4ga monsters do this to a degree. i can balance the rubber ball inside the horn eyelets to get a look closer to this from the front, & they'll stay there until i walk around, but i figure most people are looking at them from the side anyhow so who really cares.

& just for the lulz, a spinal in joe's conch:

& just for WAY MORE LULZ:


i also finished unanodizing the 6ga fractal creations serenity II captive i picked up cheap on gt because it was piss yellow. i'm very happy with it! no in-body pics of it, though - the only 6ga holes i have aren't appropriate to show on this comm. ;D

& my entire fractal collection:

8ga spinal captives
10ga spinal captive
6ga serenity II captive
14ga/12ga "octopus" navel curve
4ga interlace captive
3/4" triskelion eyelets (with DIY 4ga "triskelion")

enjoy. :D

my amazing custom box! new collection post! six thousand pictures! so much text! -

so, i was actually inspired by speakinglilish's big new box post to seek out a new box for my own collection.

i've made several in situ collection posts with pics like this & this, so it's obvious my boxes were nothing special. i liked them primarily because they're compact & easy to get into. however, i was always vaguely concerned in stacking my glass, & some pairs only just barely fit - because of that, i couldn't close the lids. & though i tried to keep my collection to two boxes, this became tougher when i began owning more pairs that couldn't be stacked - like my mirrorbacks for fear they'd really end up damaged, or my lizards & prizmatic cab plugs which aren't stackable due to their overall size. even IS dichro was a tight fit with two pairs to a cell.

as i've well refined my collection - by upgrading blemished pairs, having customizing work performed on others, & keeping my collection to pairs i love & enjoy wearing - i realized it's time to store them somewhere more suited to the effort i've put into finding them. i found some gorgeous boxes on bellacor, searched ebay & amazon for solutions, & almost just bought some stacking organizing trays... but everything i found was outside of my ideal dimensions, mostly on length. the plastic boxes i was using have a footprint of 8x5", & it's a very convenient size to store next to my computer.

eventually i determined to commission my best friend, chris, to make me a custom box. he's a professional woodworker & makes absolutely beautiful furniture & cabinetry from all sorts of interesting woods - afromosia, wenge, teak, walnut, ipe^ (ironwood), et cetera. he made himself a gorgeous L-shaped computer desk from afromosia & ash, & gave my fella gorthok a desk of red & white oaks with teak for his birthday.

i took measurements & sketched out what i want, then we did math & he settled some logistical concerns... & a couple of months later, an amazing new creation moved in with me:

before we look inside, here are progress pics chris was sweet enough to send. he made the dividers first:

the wood for the box came from a single board:

creating drawer parts:

here you can see the 1/8" mortise & tenon joinery unassembled:

walls of a drawer assembled:

a full drawer with its bottom, pre-cleanup:

blurry/sharpened close-up of the cool joinery:

the wood is wenge, & chris put a lacquer finish on it. he made a wooden glide (rail) for the back of each drawer, so the drawers slide nicely & stop safely. we designed it so the drawers won't sag; i can pull each one all the way out & it'll hang unassisted without spilling my jewelry. the bottom of each drawer is felt-covered MDF ("medium density fiberboard" - like particle board, but higher quality, stronger, & very thin), painted black on the underside.

the maple dividers, which can come out if necessary, rise 3/8" - tall enough to keep the plugs in place, but not so high that it's difficult to fish the plugs out. each 2x1" cell fits two 3/4" plugs plus its 4ga match. there's room for 100 pairs, & i have 50-60 now (plus some non-plug jewelry like my fractal creations stuff, which certainly deserves to be stored in there), so there's plenty of room for growth.

additionally, since the drawers don't come out, the entire backplate can come off if disassembly is required for whatever reason (maintenance of the wood, et cetera).

& now, the final product:

i couldn't be more pleased with it. :)

he didn't want to charge me since he's my best friend, & for a while i was able to force him to accept a decent hourly wage plus supplies... but in the end, he called it an early birthday present & refused payment at all. (i think he's getting me back for 2006 when i bought him a banjo.) as far as what it WOULD cost retail, i'll state it only in perspective: its value is a few pairs of stone from relic. :)

& so here's a new in situ collection post in my beautiful new jewelry box! i'm oddly particular about which plug goes in which ear for 95% of my collection - my right ear gets the "better" plug with the match based off of it; my left ear imo can hold a "weaker" plug because i love my upper lobe triangle so much. so, in accordance with reading english but perhaps contrary to logic, the right ear plugs are on the left, & the left ear plugs are on the right.

drawer 1 - organics & acrylics/mixed-media:

- DF abaraka blue morpho butterfly plugs in horn (usually kept in an airtight bag to keep the sterling silver from tarnishing), 4ga DF DIY blue morpho plug to match (link)
- DF abaraka sunset moth triangle butterfly plugs in ebony (same as above)
- DF maelstrom studio labs ebony with purple paua shell inlay, 4ga DF abalone in horn DIY colored to match (link)
- DF blackheart organics custom tulipwood in ebony mayan eyelets, 4ga DF diablo ebony eyelet with DIY tulipwood inlay to match (link)

- DF paul's plugs custom ebony eyelets, 4ga DF diablo ebony eyelet to match (link)
- DF ebony stash plugs, 4ga DF ebony plug to match
- DF pink ivory plugs, 4ga SF pink ivory plug to match (link)
- DF buffalo horn eyelets, 4ga horn spirals to match; DF buffalo horn eyelets (always left at work for emergencies) (link)

- 20mm DF time tunnels, 4ga DF DIY time tunnel to match (link)
- 20mm DF elektro plugs, 4ga DF DIY elektroplug to match (both match the barrette i made several years back.) (link)
- DF atrophie acrylic & resin lish baby teeth plugs, 4ga DF steel & resin baby tooth plug to match (link)
- DF IS red rock candy plugs, 4ga SF DIY red rock candy to match (link)

- DF video eye plugs, 4ga DF DIY video eye to match (holographic - they blink!) (link)
- DF black honeycomb plugs, 4ga DF DIY honeycomb to match (holographic) (link)
- 20mm DF blue/red acid plugs, 4ga SF DIY acid plug to match (INSANELY holographic) (link)
- 20mm DF DIY mercury dime plugs, 4ga DF DIY miniature mercury dime plug to match (link)

- 5/8" SF red mirrorback plugs (DIY'd over silver mirrorbacks) DIY inlaid into 3/4" DF black acrylic tunnels, 4ga DF DIY-colored mother of pearl in horn to match (link)
- 5/8" SF blue mirrorback plugs DIY inlaid into 3/4" DF black acrylic tunnels, 4ga SF blue mirrorback to match (link, link, link)
- 5/8" SF orange mirrorback plugs (to be inlaid), 4ga DF DIY-colored mother of pearl in horn to match
- DF mirror plugs, 4ga DF mirror plug to match (link)

drawer 2 - more acrylics/mixed-media:

- 21mm prizmatic red fanciful dichro cabochons DIY mounted to 20mm DF ikon plugs, 7mm red fanciful dichro cab DIY mounted to 4ga DF black acrylic to match (link)
- 21mm prizmatic blue aquatic dichro cabochons DIY mounted to 20mm DF ikon plugs, 7mm blue aquatic dichro cab DIY mounted to 4ga DF black acrylic to match (link)
- 21mm prizmatic green spiral dichro cabochons DIY mounted to 3/4" DF blue superglitters, 7mm green spiral dichro cab DIY mounted to 4ga DF blue superglitter to match (link)
- 20mm DF DIY ladybug plugs, 4ga DF DIY ladybug plug to match (link)

- DF solitude studio padauk wood with silver dichro inlay (sanded down from 7/8" by me) (not quite finished yet :) )
- [reserved for upcoming DIY project]
- DF clear superglitter plugs, 4ga DF clear superglitter to match (link)
- [cells for growth]

drawer 3 - stone, steel/titanium, silicone:

- DF relic stoneworks mary ellen jasper, 4ga DF hematite to match (link, link)
- DF relic stoneworks green ocean jasper, 4ga DF green adventurine to match (link)
- DF sodalite, 4ga DF lapis to match (link)
- DF white jade, 4ga DF white jade to match (link)

- DF labradorite, 4ga DF oracle labradorite to match (link)
- 5/8" DF moss agate DIY inlaid into 3/4" DF black acrylic tunnels, 4ga DF painted "moss agate" to match (link)
- DF IS steel eyelets, old style (shorter wearable area), 4ga SF anato steel machined eyelet, cut to 1/4" wearable length to match
- [reserved for incoming DF wildcat op art plugs]

- 11/16" SF titanium jesse jarrell fractal creations triskelion eyelets, 4ga DIY triskelion to match (link)
- 8ga titanium fractal creations spinal captives with dimpled 5/16" rubber balls, 10ga titanium fractal creations spinal captive with dimpled 1/4" rubber ball (link, link)
- 4ga titanium fractal creations interlace captive, unanodized by me (link)
  14ga/12ga titanium fractal creations navel curve, "octopus" anodized
- 6ga titanium fractal creations serenity II captive, unanodized by me (link)
  00ga DF titanium neometal prototype two-piece eyelet

- [reserved for upcoming DIY project]
- kaos 5/16" black earskins, 4ga kaos 1/4" black earskin to match (link)
- extra winter plugs:
  4ga kaos 1/4" clear earskin
  0ga kaos 1/4" black earskin
  0ga kaos 1/4" clear earskin
- [cells for growth]

- [incoming relic project will change this drawer's layout a bit. :) ]

drawer 4 - glass:

- 18mm DF IS red dichroic glass spirals (DIY'd over silver spirals), 4ga DF DIY red spiral dichro to match (DIY'd over GWS yellow trans dichro) (link, link, link)
- SF IS red crystal dichro, 4ga DF IS red regular dichro to match (link)
- DF IS red transparent dichro, 4ga DF IS red trans dichro to match (link)
- DF frozenfire orange opal dichro plugs, 4ga DF FF orange opal dichro to match (link)

- SF IS emerald crystal dichro, 4ga DF IS emerald regular dichro to match (link)
- DF GWS burnt emerald dichro, 4ga DF DIY-colored burnt emerald dichro to match (DIY'd over IS silver regular dichro) (link)
- DF GG blue/green/peach trichroic, 4ga GG custom conical blue/green/peach trichro to match (link)
- SF IS blue crystal dichro, 4ga DF IS blue regular dichro to match (link)

- SF IS blue transparent dichro, 4ga DF IS blue trans dichro to match (link)
- SF IS blue opal dichro, 4ga DF IS blue trans dichro painted white to match
- DF IS trans violet dichro with nailpolish as per le_soleil_noir's awesome post (in progress - one painted purple, one red. mine didn't work though; it just looks pink. must need a different batch of violet.)
- DF glass distractions silver skull plugs, 4ga DF emblem glass custom fumed plug to match (link)

- DF red/black GG power plugs, 4ga DF DIY nailpolish power plug to match (on back of black colorfront) (link)
- DF GWS mars plugs, 4ga DF GWS custom mars plug to match (link, link)
- DF GWS neptune plugs, 4ga DF DIY painted neptune plug to match (link, link)
- DF GWS DIY "supernova" plugs (amber-purple colorfronts partially painted & worn backwards), 4ga DF GG clear glass painted to match (link)

- DF frozenfire lattacino coils, 4ga DF FF custom lattacino coil to match (link)
- DF frozenfire custom red/black/clear plugs, 4ga DF DIY nailpolish power plug to match (same as for the GG power plugs above) (link)
- DF frozenfire blue glass plugs, 4ga DF DIY painted blue glass plug to match (link)
- DF GWS blue moon pebble plugs, 4ga DF GWS custom pebble plug to match (link, link)

drawer 5 - more glass:

- DF emblem glass custom lizard plugs, 4ga DF emblem custom background plug to match (link)
- DF white cat's eye, 4ga SF white cat's eye to match (link)
- 20mm DF clear glass painted with red nailpolish, 4ga DF GG clear glass painted to match (link)
- DF opalite, 4ga SF opalite to match (link)

- [reserved for incoming DF hardass glass disappearing spirals, 4ga DF HAG custom disappearing spiral to match]
- DF red luciferins on clear, 4ga DF red luciferin on clear to match (link)
- DF green luciferins on clear, 4ga DF green luciferin on clear to match - samples (link)
- [the rest of this drawer likely to be filled with luciferins :D ]

- extra summer 4ga:
  4ga SF IS red regular dichro (old style ball flare)
  4ga DF IS spring green dichro x2 (for trade)
  4ga DF FF teal transparent dichro
  4ga DF GWS yellow regular dichro
  4ga DF GWS white colorfront
  4ga DF opalite
  4ga black spiral
  4ga DF plum jasper
- extra summer 0ga:
  0ga SF oracle opalite
  0ga SF GG green bullethole
  0ga SF GG black glass plug (self-shortened)
  0ga SF blue glass plug (self-shortened)
  0ga SF red glass plug (self-shortened)
- [cells for growth]

there are close-ups & in-ears at each item's "(link)"; just ask if there's anything else you'd like to see.


disappearing spirals -

i love steel navel.

when SN started carrying hardass glass, i got all excited that they might have the disappearing spirals i saw in a local shop. well, they didn't - but john's now carrying the line because i requested it. furthermore, they've set me up with a custom 3/4" pair with a short wearable, with a completely custom 4ga match (they start by design at 0ga).

these are nigh well impossible to photograph, but i've done my best as always. the "magic spirals" & "disappearing spirals" monikers are accurate - as they (or you) move, the spiral winks into & out of visibility. they're awesome!

as hardass glass explains & SN notes on their sale page, "They are clear plugs with a dark blue swirl inside the plug, we then coat the front of the plug with a metallic coating, giving the front of the plug a reflective surface. The magic happens when light passes through the back of the plug and shows the swirl inside. It works the way a two way mirror works."

in-ears follow. first, lit from the front, with the building across the street reflected in my lobes:

then a shot half-&-half lit without flash, which is the most true-to-life but the most difficult to capture in a photo. the second two pics are half-&-half with flash:

& finally, backlit:

the one weird thing is that the flares are very small, but i understand that may be required for this sort of effect. (& my lobes look nice & fat for it, heh.) they're great fun to wear & i'm stoked on them!

so yeah, not only does steel navel rock for setting up this custom order for me, & sweettalking HAG into making a 4ga single, but they even let me apply the discount from their 25% off day. steel navel is AWESOME.

kaos DIY -
i generally hate wearing kaos. i'll wear earskins once in a while, but any of the solid plugs or eyelets feel awful to me. no dry ear or anything, they just feel gross. plus they're too long, so they don't even look good. two senses offended! however, i've liked the kaos blue opal fill since i first saw it. so when a pair in my size came up on gaugetrade for ten bucks, i went for it for kaos DIY!

goal: preserve the cool color without having to wear kaos by removing the fills & inlaying them into acrylic eyelets (with the same process i used for both pairs of my mirrorbacks).

kaos fills are overfilled a bit, so i expected to end up with a fat mushroom shaped hunk of opalescent silicone. i used an exacto knife to separate the front of the fill from the front face of the eyelet. with scissors, i cut a slit in the front flare, then pulled the flare away from the blue opal as i snipped around the plug to remove the flare. it was easier to cut off the back flare, & i went back to the exacto to carve away the now NF kaos eyelet.

before; after carving off the eyelet; after cleaning up the flare:

as i was intending to inlay them in my usual manner, i didn't worry about getting it perfect - so long as they fit loosely in the acrylic eyelets, the black silicone i'm applying would cover anything missed.

kaos is longer than the acrylic eyelets (another benefit to inlaying them is the shorter length), so i sawed off about 1/8" from the backs of the blue opal hunks with the exacto. from this excess material, i used nail clippers to fashion a tiny cylinder of opal which was - you guessed it - inlaid into a 4ga acrylic eyelet.

here are the finished products:

& of course in-ears:

all in all it wasn't too difficult: only took about twenty minutes to rip the kaos apart, five to shape the 4ga, five to mess with the silicone, & a day on its own to set. & now i have some interesting & unique not-kaos plugs to wear.

ok now who else can't pronounce "chaos" anymore because you always say "KAY-ose" in your head looking at their dumb misspelling. :D

heart plugs -
so if you ever find a way to make someone feel highly apologetic towards you, miriena is the clearly the best choice for the project.

what the fuck, right? well, there was this minor incident a while back where anya bailed on this RSVP-required party i threw, & it wasn't a huge deal - but the poor dear felt so badly about it that she actually went & searched out the issue of national geographic our favorite flounce to_serve_man had used for her heart plugs. that DIY job was doubtless the best thing to ever come out of TSM aside from my dick... in a condom. two condoms. but i really admired the plugs.

serendipity would have it that i had just ordered a mess of DF clear acrylic from wildcat, & also bought a pair of clear glass from gaugetrade, so i suddenly had everything i needed right there!

i too went with mod podge, & ran some "test plugs" first. i learned some tricks about application, & found it's easiest to glue oversized pieces of magazine to the plugs, then trim them once they're dry, & use a bit of 600 grit to smooth down the edges. the backs are finished in black nailpolish with a topcoat to protect the magazine.

i ended up making two pairs in 20mm. i'm not sure yet which pair i'm keeping & which will be up on GT - thoughts? i'll make a 4ga match for them after i decide between reddish versus peachy.

amusing side note: though they do look like a heart, & some suggested they might be optic nerves, it's actually from a picture of a brain. i'm sure someone can finesse a joke about TSM's fiance' from that.

& because anya was so rad to send this picture (& several others), i made her a pair too. anya, i stalked a post & i think it was to soze that you noted you can wear up to 9/16", so these are 14mm with a mild DF. you can pick them up next time you're here, or stop by whenever. :D

i also added a write-up/rant on scalpelling procedure to my site - it's linked on the front page of & for those interested in my dreads, you can click here & here for recent non-locked posts. there's also something sexy here if you have membership, & screw you if you don't. :D


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