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first, a quick followup to the last post. i called odwalla. they took the info & ran a test of the batch. it was promised that if the test found contaminants, then my claim would be escalated to their insurance company; if they found no containment, then they'd send me four free odwalla coupons to say they're sorry. i wasn't absolutely stoked on this, but i did have to admit it's fair. (the girl on the phone noted no one else had called, so i wasn't expecting much.) they did their independent testing & actually sent me a pretty detailed letter about it, but they found nothing. so i get four free odwallas, & oh well, gotta chalk it up to shit luck. (i'd go bitch at the place i bought it, but i actually really like their food, so i'm loathe to make enemies there.)

in geeky news, my main computer's secondary IDE controller completely died, killing off the access to my dvd-r drive. sic737, being awesome, gave me a new machine to move into. ironically, this is just before testing4l's visit, so he's retardedly excited about helping me to get it going. it's just as well i'm being forced to upgrade - the p3-600 with 320M ram i've been running (since jesuscrux made me upgrade way back in 2002 with a machine he stole from work) has pretty much had it. it's been a great box, but it can't even do usb2, much less sata.

it's strange how much hardware has changed in six years - i don't recognize half of what's on this motherboard. even the power couplings are different. & i wonder when things changed from giving your friends pieces of hardware to upgrade with (which i clearly remember - most of mine came from japolo), to giving your friends full systems. go progress!

so the new machine is an amd64, & it has some weird silver & black custom case with a clear window on the side & a blue neon light illuminating the internals. i'm of the mindset that computers should be either beige or black (or maybe have a unique paintjob like the most amazing box ever given to me, again from rj), so it's weird to look at this flashy thing with its useless plastic ridges down the sides & textured detailing trying to be all fancy. i will say though, the digital temperature gauge on the front - & even written into the bios - is really damned rad.

anyhow, chris gave me 512M of memory, & i bought 2G more for it from newegg. (boy has memory changed, too.) then when i was installing debian that night, i discovered the 80g drive chris gave me was toast, so i had to go spending again. funny how that night went, with joe & i searching for good deals on drives - in the space of an hour, i went from "FUCK. just find me something cheap as shit" to "fine, i'll pay $40 for a decent quality 80g" to "well if can get a 160g for $45, i guess that's okay" to finding out the deal on the 160 had changed & was now $55 total, so i may as well spend $59 shipped on a 640g. so i ended up with a 640g/7200rpm/16m sata caviar drive, again from newegg.

then newegg had another big dumb sale the next day, so i bought a spindle of dvd-rs for cheap too. that's three boxes all shipping from them at once, & they wouldn't combine my orders to save packaging. 9_9

but hey, while i'm at it, why not pick up a new pair of headphones too. a bit of a segue here, away from compudork & on to audiodork:

i have finally found a pair of high-end headphones which not only fit over my ears, but also over my 3/4" plugs: sony MDR-NC60. they're absurdly comfortable, fit perfectly on my head, & sound fantastic. plus they have a monitor button to press if someone's talking to you, which makes it sound like i'm not even wearing headphones. pretty convenient for me considering i generally only wear headphones on the bus to & from work.

i tested them in-store with 20mm plugs & my longest glass in 3/4", & they fit very well over both. i have to push my vertical conch bars up before i put them on, but that's something i usually did with my panasonic over-ear headphones too, & i could only wear those nude-lobed. i need to be VERY careful that my plugs aren't pushed out when i remove the headphones, but i tested removal multiple times & didn't have any fallen plugs.

anyway, here's the link to their description on sony's site. i bought a non-refurb, barely used pair cheap on ebay & saved 50% over sony's in-store 20% off sale. go me.

back to the computers then...

so i'm moving into it the same way i moved into the previous box - by setting it up to where i'm totally comfortable with how everything is configured & working, then doing the major move of my hard drives & peripherals into the case. (that last bit will probably be when phil is here to help with any blips.) i'll also finally be upgrading laterally-grading? to the new old M2 keyboard with the new machine - the y & backspace keys on my old old M2 are almost completely blown, the left shift & ctrl barely work, & i long ago had to remap my printscreen button to act as esc. (i forget who said they think they can fix it, but speak up now if you want a chance to try - it's all yours.)

so the move-in begins tonight, as my newegg stuff is all out for delivery & slated to arrive today. *excitement*

next post will be less geeky, as i'll probably write about our upcoming awesome events - skydiving as you all know about, but we're also headed to idaho to hit silverwood with robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands, to leavenworth in december, & i just booked a trip for myself & joe to hawaii in october...!

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