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not much is going on of lj note. i was promoted against my will at work (the sup of the next department up literally begged me to be part of his team; shrug, i guess i'll accept your giant honkin' raise) & have mostly just been working on dreads, luciferins, & the below in my nonexistent free time. i did manage to pull together an excellent pot luck movie day last sunday - we watched all three of the "eating out" series of movies (fucking hilarious, everyone not uptight should see them), & ate homemade stewed salsa & chips, bbq pulled pork on hawaiian bread, chicken fried peppered flank steak, & potato salad.

oh, here's something else for you which i learned recently: panthro was voiced by cliff huxtable's dad. wtf.

also i presume you've all seen this.

ok. here's some stuff to look at:

"heart" plugs -

i'd posted about these before, but it took a while to decide which pair to keep. while the peachy ones are visually superior imo, i ended up not liking their tones against my skin. i LOVE the redder pair in & out of my ears, though. so i finished the match this week & finally have a full set of pics.

a close-up on the match. it's peachy to go with the edge of the big plugs.

& in-ears. these pics don't capture the depth of the plugs (since the magazine's on the back, they really seem to sit in there), but you can get an idea.

thanks again to miriena for hunting down the image for me. :)

oh hey, a round of srsly cute gorthok pics -

8ga nostrils, 2ga conch. procedurals: nose; ear.

first, the rad purple-that-flashes-green dichro purchased from deadlyrhythm some months back. since they mostly show up white/clear in his nose, he never wears these, & they'll probably be resold.

joe looking all of four years old:

silver noseskins! these have already been resold as he strongly prefers his black pair, but i found the pics & they're just too cute to not post. btw we're pantsless a lot here.

oh & his emblem blue mirrors from gt. he loves these & often wears one.


enamel faux power plugs -
i mentioned a bit ago that i made myself some 20mm faux power plugs from enamel & acrylic. i'd asked the comm which pair to keep, & for those who liked them & didn't make semen jokes (wtf guys, not everything white looks like spunk), it was pretty well split between the two pairs. i finally decided on which to keep, & made up a 4ga to go with them.

they're a bit tricky to photograph in-ear since the green is so sparkly, but i tried my best:

here's the other pair again, which i'll either strip or sell depending on interest:

i later tried my hand at a third pair, & these came out looking like weird cave paintings or something. the left one is decidedly buffalo-ish. i may keep them? i don't know.

so they're not as exciting as other things in my collection, & i might strip/sell these too if i don't end up wearing them, but they were fun to make & are keeping my hands busy while i wait for my rainbow jewels match to dry... ;D

oceanic blue labradorite! -
i posted about these when i first showed you guys my rainbow labradorites - in short, i had one very nice blue lab, leo couldn't make a match just then, so they surprised me with a full pair of rainbow instead (which was fucking amazing of them).

as followup to that post: i contacted leo back LOVING the rainbows, of course, but that i still wanted a pair of blue. so i asked if i could send it back with more money, & with the understanding that it could be a year until the right piece comes up to match it. he laughed & agreed - & it only took about three months. :)

i took these two the night they came in, under fluorescent light:

relic also shined up the original plug for me - it's tough to see in these pics, but there's a definite difference between then & now.

delicious in-ears:

i find it very helpful to take "front flash" shots - this lets me know how to position the labs in my ear for the greatest visual effect. i did this for the rainbow labs too. i always wear them this way, & the effort means i get to see them flash in pretty much anything reflective.

for lovers of the stone itself, here are both sides not flashing (or as close to not flashing as i could get):

& while taking those, i realized the back of the relic plug is flashy, too:

the match i'm wearing is the lousy oracle lab i picked up on gt - it goes much better with the color of these stones. i made a new match for the rainbow labs out of a labradorite bead, which i dremeled in half & glued to an even worse piece of bodymodern lab. it glows orange-y, which doesn't REALLY match, but it's at least a better color sense to the warm gray of those stones overall.

enjoy. :)

BISMUTH. it's fucking BISMUTH. -

atrophie first made me aware of this stuff. it is _awesome_. i happened to spot a hunk at a rock & mineral store in leavenworth, & decided to bring it home & chop it up & find a way to inlay it. (amusingly, i was told it was the "skeleton of metal ores after all the copper & other useful minerals are removed"... yeah, ok!)

before attempting to dremel it, i looked up its material hardness - i expected to have to get a machine shop to cut it, but it's only a 2-2.5 hardness, which equates to about the strength of your fingernails. so regardless that it totally looks like metal, i was able to break it into pieces with just my hands. awesome. of course, that meant i couldn't just glue it in place, because it's too fragile. so i decided it's time i start fucking around with resin, & with some tips from atrophie, i was ready to try.

here's something odd: i used a couple touches of superglue to anchor the bismuth to the plugs in preparation for the resin - & when they dried, the steel was coated everywhere with a dull film. i don't know if it was a chemical reaction between cyanoacrylate & bismuth (any scientists around?), but i did have to lightly repolish the steel to restore the shine. you can see this in the pics below if you look carefully - the dull plug reflects in a thicker line than the reshined plug:

the 3/4" are bodymodern eyelets, so i didn't sweat getting a mirror finish or anything, just something wearable. (the 4ga is an IS eyelet, but i didn't need superglue to hold the tiny bit of bismuth in place.)

so i filled them with resin for support. i found later i probably should have sprayed them with acrylic first, because i got a bunch of microbubbles in the casting, but it barely shows & i'm pretty happy with my first resin work! i think i can improve on this pair, though, so i ordered a couple more bismuth crystals today. if they're better, i'll post the next set, & these'll end up on gt.

final result:

i enjoy having radioactive plugs. ;)

rainbow jewels -
I CAN DIY ANYTHING. & here's proof.

oh hey, remember when i won the auction for the rainbow jewels? you knew this post was coming, right?

it's funny - these plugs take two things i HATE & turn them into one thing i really like. because of the jewel front, the rainbow dichro moves in a way the solid colors don't, & it's pretty fascinating. (you may have seen the movie i made when i sold a 1" pair of these to disgorge.)

the question, of course, was how to make a match. jewels were only made down to 2ga. however, due to the auctions i'd been holding, i had an extra 2ga pair of jewels hanging around that i could cast from... & after my recent resin experiments, i felt up to the challenge!

the plan was to cast the front of the plug into clay, then color the back rainbow & glue the jewel onto a normal acrylic plug. making the clay negatives was simple - i just rolled small balls of clay, pressed the glass jewel into them, then manipulated each one to shrink the finished size a little.

casting attempt one worked, but unbaked sculpey caused the resin to cure cloudy. for attempt two, i used baked sculpey by itself; attempt three (poured at the same time as two) also painted the sculpey with clear nailpolish in case it was STILL cloudy. attempt three was the winner, but for a different reason - the resin actually bonded fully to the baked sculpey & was impossible to remove without the nailpolish buffer. attempt three's trials popped right out with a bit of torque.

casting cups filled with acrylic:

single cup after applying torque (the black bit is still stuck):

jewel removed:

you can see the difference in clarity between attempts 3 & 1 here:

so with a successful jewel made, i trimmed down the edges & drew a sharpie rainbow on the back, based off the "right ear" plug, & sealed it with clear nailpolish. the awesome thing about these pictures is that the tiny match is doing the same thing the big guy does - see that yellow line through the red? that doesn't exist on the back - it's a refraction from the jewel.

i tried to crumple aluminum foil or put something behind the jewel to make it a bit more reflective, a little more dichro-like, but it didn't really do anything. i even considered silver nailpolish &, in a fit of WAY-too-over-the-top, silver luciferin material, haha. in the end, i added nothing; just dremeled a few millimeters off a clear acrylic glitter plug & glued the jewel straight on.

i actually ended up removing it & redoing the color - it ended up very opaque & pink looking (as you could understand from the last pic above), so i reworked it with a sort of pointillism effect for the rainbow, then reglued it. much better.

what's funny is that while it's a decent match head-on, from a slight angle it really does well. & considering the angles of my ear force it to that anyhow... all told i'm very pleased with it!

my pics below (with flash) aren't as good as kikkomato's (in natural light), but you can check the top link on this post for hers if you want to see more of them. close-ups:

& finally, in-ears:

now disgorge & i can have completely obnoxious TWINS DAYS, since her pair looks almost exactly like mine. :D

bronze/ivory power plugs -
i ordered the last of the bronze/ivory power plugs from anotherhole, despite the cc chargeback & guerrilla return in which i had to engage last time i bought from them. but hey, that was two & a half years ago, & at $28 shipped for 3/4" power plugs - i'll take the risk.

the 4ga match is just a bit of black & brown sharpie & clear nailpolish on an inverted white colorfront. it's not an amazing match, but it does well in-ear. & anyhow, they can't all be jaw-dropping. :)

backs & fronts:

i think i'm going to stick with wearing one "back" & one "front" for the best visually weighted set. & i made them match a bit better than that, too - after taking some in-ears, i decided to add some black nailpolish to the back of the less dynamic plug. you can see the difference here:

full in-ears:

i like them! i'd been thinking recently about ordering more power plugs, but BAF's current bronze/ivory look less like swirly neat glass & more like iced oatmeal cookies, & i can't really bring myself to buy either of the two orange pairs. but anyhow - $28. :D

moodstones -
i'm not really a moodstone type of person, & i thought they were pretty ridiculous for the $180 that BAF wants. additionally, most of the pictures showed them yellow or pink, my two least favorite colors. however, when i started seeing the hottopic moodstone plugs, not only were they reasonably priced, but also seemed to stay in the cooler range of greens, blues, & purples. so i picked up a new pair from GT.

& oh yes, there's a match.

i actually had a tiny moodstone cab from some previous crafting i'd done, & it was just the right size. the downside was that it was attached to a cheap metal ring. i was able to remove the ring & sand down the square base into a circle just larger than the cab itself, but i damaged part of its color ability in the process. shrug, can't win 'em all. there's still plenty of it left to change color, & i'm happy enough to just let it go, as it's pretty impossible to find 5mm moodstone cabs.

i was going to use a steel tunnel to match the steel of the big plugs, but the metal around the cab mimics that, so i just sanded down an acrylic tunnel & glued it on.

here's a series of pics of the moodstone plugs changing color. 3/4" cool to warm:

& 4ga cool to warm:

here's a .gif i animated of the 4ga match going through its spectrum from warm to cool:

in-ears "cool", just inserted:

in-ears "warm", after reaching normal lobe temp:

they'd get all the way to purple if i went outside right now, but fuck that, i don't want pics that badly. :) also the match isn't the same color spectrum, obviously, but it's amusing to note it's doing a 180 in the above shots.

they're really more fun than i expected. enjoy. :D

oh yes, & here's some me, & some me & joe too.

feel appeased, send cookies


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