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we finally got to the billy joel/elton john concert that was rescheduled from december. it was pretty good; i needed less unintelligible brit & more songs i know every word to (ie everything in joel's catalog) to really have a great time. the major high point was during john's "crocodile rock" - you know the falsetto "laaaaaaaaaa, la-la-la-la-laaaaaa" part? the band went nearly silent for it & every asshole in the audience sang. & while i'm sure that's happened in every fucking venue they've played, it was still a total shock to me, 'cause i thought i was going to be the only dork leaning cheesily over to their mate & striking a falsetto in their face. but no! a full COLOSSEUM of jerks had the same idea. that bit was awesome.

i think i forgot to give due credit to testing4l last month for successfully fixing the last major thing wrong with the new system. in short: in CLI, when scrolling through text using lynx or pico, there would be artifacts left on the screen - like if you hit page down, & you saw the next page, but a few words/sentences/characters were randomly left where they were before hitting pgdn. odder still, this behavior didn't occur within screen. turns out we'd been trying so many different things to get zgv/svgalib working with this machine that i'd left my terminal setting to something bizarre - & upon changing it back to linux, the problem disappeared. so yay fucking hooray to phil for figuring that out, 'cause while it was a pretty minor problem in the grand scheme, it was annoying as shit to have to refresh all the time.

so it's been since last september, but finally i can get this shit out of my backlog. here's the old computer versus the new - pretty significant difference!
hda: QUANTUM FIREBALL CX6.4A, ATA DISK drive, 6448 MB, 418KiB Cache
hdb: WDC WD1600JB-00EVA0, ATA DISK drive, 160041 MB, 8192KiB Cache
model name      : Pentium III (Katmai)
cpu MHz         : 598.174
cache size      : 512 KB
MemTotal:       321796 kB

ata1.00: ATA-8: WDC Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 4000+
cpu MHz         : 1000.000
cache size      : 1024 KB
MemTotal:      2513040 kB

i've mostly been working (day job + both of my businesses) & learning my new gig (xref: promotion), but this coming weekend will be more exciting as i've orchestrated a fairly ridiculous roadtrip up to ...chick-fil-a. i haven't had one of their sandwiches in years, & they're Really Fucking Good. the closest chick-fil-a is about two hours north, & somehow i managed to convince six other people to trek up there with me to get in on that action. i'm also really looking forward to being massaged on monday, but i see her about every 3-4 weeks, so it's a different excitement from the magic of chick-fil-a.


three fancy remakes -
three fancy remakes! all the updated in-ears will come later, this is already too much work for one weekend. ;)

bismuth plugs v2.0
i acquired enough bismuth to make four more plugs, so i could choose my favorites & sell off the rest. i do think these came out better, & they were pretty fun to make. here's the first post if anyone managed to miss it.

all six plugs together:

& the individual pairs. my set is the first, shown with my 4ga match:

my new right plug:

& the two pairs i'll be selling:

<3 you, Bi. :D

trisk match v2.0
the old trisk match looked pretty good, but the little spikes kept needing to be reglued to the flare because the silicone holding them was flexible. with some resin experience, i thought i could do a better job.

i couldn't superglue the spikes to the inside of the eyelet, which is the trouble i had the first time around, too. this time though, i sussed out using clay around the outside of the flare, & mashing the spike tips into that. i was able to direct them much easier this way, & even got a tiny bit of the same inner style as the big plugs have. from there, dropping a touch of resin into the eyelet was a snap.

once it cured, i used my dremel to sand down the spikes at the outer edge - the length bothered me about the v1.0 match, but they were too flexible to sand - & used 600 grit to take the sharp points off the thumbtacks.

i promise it's not grungy like it appears here, but i couldn't get a better closeup with no sunlight left.

& the old trisk match next to the new one. you can see how the old match has wonky angles because i had to bury the ends of the thumbtacks so far into the silicone. the new one is also clear at the middle (despite the flash making it look darker), so no more "fish egg" effect. ;)

i might put just one more drop of resin at the top if it needs it.

& most excitingly: rainbow jewel match v2.0
the first attempt on this was received very well, but the major complaint was "but it's not shiny!@" & that was my complaint too, but i just couldn't get anything working to MAKE it shiny.

there were lots of suggestions about glitter, foil, & stickers, many of which i'd already tried in production, but there was one idea i hadn't considered. & i'd actually remembered it coming from someone else, but apparently it was all me: to make a resin cap directly ON a rainbow dichro plug. the downside was potentially ruining a glass plug, & with IS in such short supply, i didn't really want to experiment with them... but then posts started showing up with rainbow dichro that bill had produced. & i knew i had to take this leap. :D

so i ordered a 4ga trans rainbow plug, custom sized with flares small enough to fit into the casting cups i'd made. since i'd made the cups by casting a 2ga jewel's flares & then working the jewel a bit smaller, i had three nearly-but-not-identical cups to choose from. the plug fit into all three, but settled the best - where i thought it'd have a good amount of resin on all sides - into the largest cup. atrophie thought i'd need a suspension system, but it turned out the plug would balance even without resin, so i ran with it.

i painted the cup as before, except with two coats of clear nailpolish, fearing the edges of the plug might push through the jewel where they touched. i dripped some resin into the cup, then placed the plug into it. the resin was a bit too thin to hold the plug in place by itself, but it was actually a boon when the plug fell over at one point during pouring - i realized i could get the resin up under the flare, which would give it A+ stability & i wouldn't have to worry about the jewel detaching during use. so i rolled the plug in the cup, then stood it on end.

a few days later, i torqued the cup & it popped out in perfect condition. i trimmed off the excess resin with a box cutter, painted the back of the plug black for the pictures (as are the big ones - they just won't photograph well as trans), & here you go...

with the last of the natural light:

slightly blown out from the flash:

the only good shots i got while fully trans:

& with the much-easier-to-shoot black nailpolish backing:

the old jewel match next to the new one. i hope you're happy. :D

it has a lovely tiny rainbow of orange, yellow, green, blue, & even a single line of violet, & now - NOW - it is my most ridiculous match. :D

happy sunday!

the in-ears -
& as promised, here are the in-ears from the latest round of DIY ridiculousness.

bismuth (in natural light):


& jewels:

also, i had guessed about my heaviest plugs a few days ago, & it turns out i was right! apparently i can differentiate 1.6 grams in my lobes. :) anyhow, i thought it might be mildly interesting to list here. (all plugs weighed with their 4ga match.)

rock crystal: 26.1g
rainbow dichro jewels: 24.5g
blue/green/peach trichroics: 24.3g
red/black power plugs: 23.8g
bismuth: 23.6g
bronze/ivory power plugs: 23.4g
emblem lizards: 23.3g
glass distractions skulls: 23.0g

i only listed the top eight because i have a shitton of glass plugs all around 21-23g. unsurprisingly, kaos earskins are the lightest, at 1.0g for the set.

it's sunny in seattle! here are a couple of natural light in-ear sets.

this is a fairly realistic look at my green/blue/peach trichro. indoors, they most often look like the top pic in this jpeg, but the set below is much more true-to-life than the flash set i showed before.

the fantastic rainbow dichro jewels finally cooperated for trans pictures. to compare, this picture shows them with painted backs & a camera flash. during normal wear, they vary between looking painted or trans as they catch light from between my dreads. i like them more every time i wear them.

& the magic that happens when they're backlit. that's my vertical conch refracting through there...

enjoy. :)

holy shit i've posted a lot about my dreads in the past month or so. here are links to: heart-shaped locks, getting bigger, my "special new bead", hawkhat by journalface, surprise: more length & a couple of party pics. i also threw together some pics of joe's dreads when they were young, & speaking of joe... *cough* *cough*. :D


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