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so i was in the hospital tuesday morning through wednesday afternoon. i had a pinched nerve or slipped disc or some shit, similar to the thing i had two years ago. i basically hit the floor when i got to work tuesday morning, & had to call for an ambulance while pretty much screaming in pain.

i was able to avoid any dopey-making meds for my entire visit, so i thankfully didn't lose any lucidity while my pain was brought down to a bearable level. joe arrived quickly, & sean shortly after - joe has been taking very good care of me, & sean was an exceptional wrangler of other friends who came to visit - herding them out of the room when a third doctor came in to take another history & such.

having an IV is uncomfortable. heparin shots in the butt are uncomfortable too. (they usually give those in the stomach for its fat content, but i don't have any fat on my stomach.) the stuff they inject for a CT is weird. & they took blood several times, so it looks like i have track marks. 9_9 go sXe. i was treated very well while i was there, though.

my outstanding masseuse made a house call this morning, & we booked sessions on saturday & monday too. i'm just home laying on a heating pad in the interim.

like last time, i didn't do anything to cause this. & so continuing from last time, i guess this makes the score giant rack 2, spine 0.

here's some stuff to stare at.

it's a small community after all -
when i ordered another pair of red/black power plugs from soze, i gave her a couple examples of what i was looking for. it's so difficult to get the same sense of power plugs in two different pairs, but i figured the more info i could give, the better my chances. what i wanted was a perfect "backwards" pair - a pair i could wear to show all the deep fluid motion instead of the flatter "fronts". my first & well-loved red/black pair are fucking fantastic forward, but the backs are ugly.

in the interim while waiting for soze, i found a perfect pair i really liked on BAF, but didn't buy them because soze's were in the mail. the set she acquired, shown here, is beautiful & an incredible match, but decidedly uterine. an excellent pair, but not something i could wear.

after receiving soze's, i went back to the BAF forum & sent a message to the person who i believed had purchased the pair i liked. why not try to buy them, right? i never heard back, which was no surprise... but skaforbreakfast kept flirting about a pair she had for sale. weeks went by where she couldn't find her camera cord or something, & i think our conversation spanned a few posts. no rush - finding the perfect plugs takes time!

eventually she quit teasing & showed me the pics - & wouldn't you know it's the same pair. i offered her full price, knowing miss_conduct would take my soze pair for the same, & isn't it lovely when everything works out so well? :D

these are BAF's pics of the pair:

& here's a nice big one i took:

the match... ah, the match. i wanted it to have a bit of 3-D to it, so i mixed an identical red acrylic paint & laid it thickly on one side, & pushed it around with a toothpick while wet. i added several layers of clear polish, NOT avoiding air bubbles for this one, then put the black markings on top of that. enough clear to even the surface, & we have this result:

in-ears. i'm incredibly pleased with these & need aquire no more in this color scheme. :D

&, ridiculously, look what i can wear in my ears if i mix-&-match pairs that i own:

& even more ridiculous if i kept one of the plugs miss_conduct is taking - it's like they were made that way on purpose. :D

this weekend, i've been as busy as a... -
when the amber honeycomb texture plugs showed up on BAF, i thought they were mighty simplistic, but i couldn't really stop looking at them. they just seemed so much like honey, but in a nicer way than real amber does. after a few hours of thought & a genius match idea, i decided to snag the 3/4" pair from APP.

did you say genius match idea? why yes, i did!

BEES. now, i know GWS has since had the same idea, & executed it in their usual horrible "no really, we can make realistic things out of glass" way. (ilu, GWS, but these things are ugly.) i think mine look better by, oh, about 6000%.

i picked up an amber colorfront from GWS for the match, & i didn't center the bee on purpose. i wanted a bit of the amber to stick out. i had purchased three bee beads & dremeled them down to flat bellies, but in the end i only attached two of them. i think the right side looks better with just the one bee on the match. they're flying around randomly, you see! & i had pondered painting the bees in their signature colors, but ...nah.

in-ears. i actually don't mind this color on my skintone!

i also considered making shrinkydink bees (did you know you can use #6 plastic to DIY your own?) but i didn't want them to look cartoony. the beads i used look a little weird, but everything else i found was huge - these are appropriately sized for their honeycombs. anyway, i think they're weird in a reasonably cute, non-animated way, so i'm happy. :)

here's way too much text about dichro honeycombs! -

i've previously owned three pairs of these:

  • a purple pair from skaforbreakfast that made me feel totally uncomfortable;
  • a trans yellow set that looked like a stupid flower & didn't do anything nearly as exciting as the sexy trans yellow/oranges bulletfly owned (& eventually sold; i don't know where they are now); &
  • a lovely teal/purple pair from x__glamtrash (as partial trade for some luciferins), which pretty much exactly matched two other pairs of dichro/trichro i already owned.

    i just recently swapped that last pair for green/blurple honeycombs from gwenzillaa, & i love them. i'm actually going to keep these! they're not flower-shaped, they're not identical to another pair - they're similar to my IS crystal emeralds, but those are green-blue & these are green-yellow - & i feel good in them.

    fortuitously, i found the IS regular aqua dichro i've been offering to swap forever is pretty much exactly the right shade of green. i tried masking it off into a proper honeycomb shape, but it's so small that it just looked round anyhow. so i sharpied over the border in purple-blue, & here's the result!

    natural light, which blues them up a bit:

    & in-ears. the middle pic (right ear straight-on) is the one most true to life.

    thanks again gwen! :D

    unlisted new in-ears:
    i took most of these for a fun little post atrophie & i made together, but i didn't specifically flaunt them otherwise. they're linked here for your amusement & my completionism.

    GWS mars plugs with custom GWS mars match:

    white cat's eye:

    industrial strength steel eyelets:

    paul's plugs custom ebony eyelets:

    pink ivory plugs:

    red luciferins on clear:

    IS blue trans dichro:

    relic mary ellen jasper with DIY painted match on hematite:

    relic green ocean jasper (just a photoshop addition of my painted match):

    IS red rock candy with DIY match:

    & some me, some joe, some camshots.

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