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i've been cooking a lot more lately, & eating out less. it's a nutrition thing for me, but it's also added an extra level of interest since i'm well overdone on the healthy options for lunch around my office, & well turned off by the unhealthy ones. so i've basically started making a giant pan of something delicious, having a serving fresh & then packaging the rest for lunches. i do food logging & i've been posting about this elsewhere, but considering i've gone to the effort of photography, i may as well start copying them here like i've done with my jewelry posts.

swiss chard, garbanzo beans, onion, garlic, basil, coriander, olive oil & balsamic. for 185 grams it had 131 calories, 6g fiber, 23 carb & 7g protein. oh, & half my vitamin A for the day. i went back for a second helping.

ground turkey breast, onion, red pepper, crimini mushrooms, garlic, basil & sage. 200 grams, 141 calories, 7 carbs, 24g protein, lotsa vitamin C & A.

& even buying the high-end 99% lean turkey, a serving is still only $1.70. next time i'll add spinach & carrots for more color; it was delicious, but too beige overall.

another package of 99/1 turkey breast; snap peas, zucchini, carrots & spinach; thyme & coriander to season. i wanted a bit of sweet in it, so i cooked the turkey with blueberries - didn't quite come out how i was thinking, but it's an interesting addition & made the turkey bluish XD. i added some craisins at the end, & those worked perfectly for the sweet/savory i was going for. a dash of worcestershire brought it all together.

one portion is 226g, 142 calories, 18g protein, 13g carb, & a shitton of vitamin A, haha. a serving is a little small for dinner, so i had a piece of double fiber oroweat toast with 30g avocado alongside it. yum!

it's another unintentionally vegan meal because mmmmmm i love broccoli rabe. it takes forever to get tender, but once you get to that point, it's delicious. i added garbanzo beans, zucchini, onion & garlic, thyme & basil. a 283g serving has 143cal, 21g carb, 8g protein, a quarter of my day's fiber & half my vitamin A.

i had a second bunch of broccoli rabe from our CSA, so i sauteed that with some skinless chicken breast, zucchini, spinach, carrots, & onion; basil, oregano & black pepper. 275g is 123 cal, 11g carb, 15g protein, 5g fiber. & i have lunches for the rest of the week from it, too.

modified naked turkey tacos this week! ground turkey breast (extra lean), black beans (reduced sodium), organic zucchini, mushrooms, roma tomatoes & romaine. i used a package of regular taco seasoning & left the tomato & romaine raw. for my lunches, i packed the cold ingredients in separate baggies 'cause i hate inadvertently microwaved lettuce. 244g is 140 cal, 14g carb, 20g protein, 4g fiber... & for the penny pinchers, i invested $16.20 & made nine of these servings, which means each meal is only $1.80. :)

i found a nice eye of round on sale at the grocery on the way home, & i snagged it. no special preparation, but it came out tasty & decently tender considering it's a tough cut.

sauteed up some zucchini/mushrooms/orange pepper/basil to go with it, & threw on some worcestershire after taking the pic.

these plates are only 7" across, but i couldn't finish the whole steak. had about 3/4 of it, & the meal was still only 255cal.

i worked on a dread client all day, accidentally neglecting food, & our CSA arrived friday, so i decided to make a GIANT SALAD for dinner, eaten right out of this IMMENSE PLASTIC BOWL.

organic romaine & heirloom lettuce, mushrooms, orange pepper, carrots, a full bunch of radishes, cucumber, & i steamed some fresh shrimp for protein. i'm not much for cloying dressings, but i picked up one of the wishbone salad spritzers (italian), which is light enough that i like it. the bowl is 832 grams (!), 281 calories (plus one calorie per "spritz"), 33g carb, 36g protein, 10g fiber, all the vitamin A & C i could eat, & nearly half of the day's iron. i'm not sure i'll make it through the whole bowl, but damnit, I'M GOING TO TRY.

extra lean turkey cooked with rosemary, spaghetti squash, kale, black beans, water chestnuts, red onion, garlic, basil & thyme... & two morningstar vegetarian sausage patties chopped tiny & tossed in for variety. lots of interesting textures in this meal! what you see is 186g, 125 cal, 13g carb, 15g protein, 2600 iu vitamin A & 24mg vitamin C, & is surprisingly filling. only 3g of fiber, though, so i'll pair this with a piece of double fiber oroweat bread for lunches. :)

99/1 ground turkey with rosemary, garbanzo beans, black beans, organic broccolini, red peppers, carrots, spinach, red onion, garlic, & thyme. 240g is 161cal, 20g carb, 19g protein, over 5g fiber, & nearly a full day's vitamin A & C. what i cooked made ten servings this size & they're about $1.70 each. :)

another GIANT SALAD! lettuce, spinach, red peppers, radishes, cucumbers, celery, & 3oz of raw sashimi-grade yellowtail. i considered searing it, but decided fuck that. :D 818g, 270cal, 27g protein, 29g carb, 12g fiber, & a huge 2100mg potassium (45% RDA!), which is difficult for me to get enough of. i have another serving of tuna left, so i'll probably sear that tomorrow.

so i'm now deep in planning for a trip to see ryan ouellette for a large-scale cutting across my left ribs & abdomen. i mean, just look at the things that this guy is capable of. wouldn't you trust your flesh to him?

some of you may recall that i enjoy turning simple events into tremendous planning extravaganzas, & here i've turned a single roundtrip flight to NH into two one-way flights, starting with several days hanging out with one of my oldest friends, jesuscrux, then a 6h road trip to NH with him whereupon gorthok & atrophie will fly in to meet us, commence a day or so hanging out in NH, the massive cutting, & then flying home the next day - WITH joe, which wasn't so easy to plot out on his budget.

i. am. stoked. anyone have any suggestions for random shit to do in NH?

oh by the way, remember when i posted that "'i must not tell lies' would be a kickass HP hand tattoo or scar"? well guess what else ryan did. :D

i know it's been a while since my last post - it's due to working, working, & also working (new preorder open now) - but here are some other exciting tidbits of my life:
  • one of my tattoo artists moved literally 1 block from my front door. yes, this is awesome. this was particularly awesome lately when i had him tattoo the back of my left knee & had to walk stiff-legged for a couple weeks while it healed.
  • FACE TO FACE IS BACK. & joe & i are seeing them play live again, locally! (they were the whole impetus to drive out to warped tour last year.) i have loved face to face since i found them via an early internet radio site in '98, & saw them four times before they broke up for what i hoped was a long hiatus. their dissolution was heartwrenching, as their albums had gotten better & better, so i'm super happy they're back & touring.
  • i bought these two pony mugs from an amazing etsy seller, & i looove them. come have caffeine-free tea with me.
  • some recent hair posts i scrounged time for: pigtail hat update, FLAIL!, mostly joepics (with an extra in the comments), my new beehive, what happens when you wear camo, & a beautiful pic of joe at prosperity.
  • & of course:
    auris skeleton leaves -
    i was instantly attracted to the new skeleton leaves by aurisdesign when xsourkittenx first showed them off.

    i had a hard time deciding what color combination i'd like - since melissa dyes the leaves herself, pretty much everything is available. because melissa had been so amazing in gifting me a surprise pair of auris butterfly plugs a while back, i offered to make her some color mockups - which made it easier for me to choose, too. i wasn't originally thinking red on black (the pale green on black were particularly tempting), but then she made a real cab of it, & i couldn't resist.

    melissa took beautiful pics of my pair & featured them on her facebook. her shots came out brighter than true on my monitor, though, so i adjusted the colors to make them match what's in front of me:

    YUM. the ebony is totally black on the fronts, but has all this beautiful brown variation along the sides & back. i might actually be tempted to wear them backwards if not for my conches!

    melissa was once again nice enough to include an extra piece for me to DIY into a 4ga match. for the base, i deconstructed my custom tulipwood in ebony match (yay recycling!), as i'm selling that pair. since it was an eyelet with a soft saddle flare, i carefully blocked the hole with a black jelly nailpolish, & used a normal liquidy black polish to slowly build up to a flat platform for the leaf.

    i was concerned about the dye, whether it'd bleed or fade or whatever might happen when met with nailpolish - i envisioned having to use spray acrylic, or work it the way i did the auris pearl morpho match, all sorts of crap to get this thing going. but it didn't bleed at all in clear polish, & i was able to work directly.

    i cut a tiny circle of leaf, put a dot of clear on the flat black platform i'd created in the eyelet, & laid on the leaf. once that dried, it held the leaf perfectly in place while i applied layers & layers to dome the top.

    it's a little silly, but i REALLY enjoy making my 4ga matches, & proving [to myself] that i can make each perfectly - & so i was careful to leave a ring of clean ebony around the "inlay". detail-oriented lish says what?

    i think maybe it'd pass. :)

    & in-ears:

    of the pair, atrophie commented, "those are really nice. they look reptilian. they are very you: organic yet inorganic." & my fella gorthok said, "they looked vibrant in the pictures, but they look juicy in person." they're both right, & i love them. thanks again melissa!

    this is what i accomplished last night -

    6ga 1/4" true blue noseskin. :) amusingly, it's thrown crooked when i sneer for pics, but it's straight when relaxed.

    septum refinement, a new experience -
    you're probably familiar with the amount of work i did to my large helix piercing to make it perfectly aligned, proportionate, & comfortable during its journey from a youthful gun piercing to a 4ga punch to a 2ga punch to its present life at 0ga. for anyone who missed it, a timeline is here.

    knowing that i'm able to make minor refinements on a major scale, i've embarked upon a similar path with my forward septum. from the initial 12ga piercing, through directed stretching, & simple time, i found it's gone crooked for no discernable reason. each step was performed straight & utilized straight jewlery, so i can only guess the angle to be attributed to a thinner area of tissue settling in differently, or perhaps my entire septum is itself crooked - who knows, it happens.

    the point is that although my last post noted the jewelry felt straight when relaxed, it's very difficult to accurately judge this, as it goes well crooked when i sneer & it's tough to get my fingers in my tiny nose unless i'm at least slightly sneering. :) additionally, my septum barely extends beyond my nostrils, so any straight jewelry i put through the hole will sit straight due to pressure from my nostrils. with all of that in mind, i therefore didn't actually notice how off it was until i put a small ring through the 6ga earskin. it appears to have settled at approximately a 15 degree angle

    so i decided to carve out a wedge to correct this, much like i did with refinement punch #7 in the above helix timeline. the right side had to come down about 2mm, & i was fine if the left side didn't change. with as comfortable as i've become in accessing my septum, i felt confident in giving this a shot.

    since my sweet spot is large but my nose isn't, i didn't want to use a 4ga punch, because i'd likely wind up with a 2ga hole. i had 3mm & 3.5mm punches on hand, & opted for the larger to avoid any cloverleaf/figure-8 results. i prepared the 6ga glass plug i'd been wearing, & also dremeled down one side of the flare on a 4ga SF glass plug (to create a D-shape), as i wasn't sure of two things: a) whether i'd be able to move directly to 4ga; & b) if so, if the large SF flare would fit next to my cartilage septum.

    on saturday night, i cleansed my equipment & the area, positioned the punch, & twisted it through. it hurt a bit less than the piercing but bled more - only about a dozen drops overall, but the piercing hadn't bled at all. :) i was able to push the 4ga plug in with little resistance, & could already tell i'd at least partly succeeded. i estimated i was down to about 6 degrees of tilt, but it was extra tough to tell with the swelling already picking up.

    i'm sorry i didn't have the wherewithal to take a picture all drippy, but it's well proven that i bleed red blood, so you'll deal. i wiped up a bit, then raced across the living room for the camera:

    though it clotted well before bed, it bled sporadically the first night - not substantially, but enough to immediately wake me up. it's a very, VERY unique feeling to be snapped out of slumber because of a big wet drip of blood hanging just inside your nostril, haha. that's the trick of punches, though - at first the swelling keeps them from bleeding much, but as soon as the tissue relaxes, out comes the flood.

    it stayed dry on sunday, the first full day, but i was blotting at a slow leak at work on monday morning. fortunately, we keep the lights off in my department, so it's pretty dark & no one noticed i had bits of tissue stuffed up one nostril most of the morning. :) by lunch, it clotted into a solid lump that froze my cart septum circ in place & tugged my nostril hairs in... an interesting way. somehow it didn't impact my breathing, though, so i left it alone.

    tuesday morning i was able to clean it a bit better, which was fortunate since the big clots were starting to pick up a slight odor. yum, unrefrigerated lishmeat. o_O

    having now performed both a septum piercing & [partial] septum punch on myself, i have to say they're not that dissimilar. it's nice to've been able to have this experience, & with the bonus of having escalated to my primary goal size in just six & a half months. once healed, i'll continue to refine the angle if needed, so there may be another post like this. i'll try to get more gory pics if so... but i do also have this for you:


    oh & ps, gorthok's birthday present this year is going to be e-p-i-c. HI JOE ONLY 2 & A HALF MONTHS TO GO!@!%!

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