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despite being basically relegated to the sofa with primarily the internet for entertaintment, i didn't spend very much while i was laid up. a slickdeal for a dvd-r spindle came around, so i bought that & a couple of cheap ebay items, but the exciting purchase was a 2G ram stick for the netbook. that doubled what my vostro a90 came with, & it did make life on the sofa a bit easier. (& yes, i'm recovered. [non-sarcastic] thanks for the [non-sarcastic] abundance of well wishes, folks!)

perhaps because of the aforementioned relegation, i've gone a bit wild with AWESOME EVENT PLANNING. i have a month of NOTHING to make up for, you know? so check out what i'll be doing:

  • RIDING IN A GLIDER. fuck yes! i've wanted to do this since i saw "the thomas crown affair". it's slated for sunday!
  • PILOTING A CESSNA. because WHY NOT! i have every intention of pulling the next deal i see for a helicopter lesson, too.
  • FLYING THE FUCK TO THE EAST COAST as you already know.
  • BEING CUT which is still TOTALLY EXCITING.
  • GOING TO BUMBERSHOOT mostly because NoMeansNo is playing!
  • RETURNING TO SILVERWOOD which has become a yearly event!
  • oh & also EATING REALLY WELL... the food photolog continues.

    HOLY CRAP I'M SO INTO THE GIANT SALAD THIS WEEKEND. today's is romaine, cucumbers, carrots, crimini mushrooms, radishes, bean sprouts, & i tore up a small $12 lobster i got for $5 because it's sunday night. :D 767g, 252cal, 25g carb, 37g protein, 7g fiber.

    this is how i do tuna salad. solid white albacore, avocado (NO mayonnaise), carrots, cucumber, onion, tomato, & served on lettuce; spiced with sage, coriander, celery salt & black pepper. 495g, 300 cal, 22g carb, 37g protein, 9g fiber. :)

    there was fresh sockeye salmon on sale at the grocery today, & i couldn't resist. i pan seared that to mid-rare with coriander & black pepper, & made a small giant salad with romaine, red pepper, cucumbers, radishes, celery, criminis, bean sprouts, & a yellow heirloom tomato. i rarely eat tomatoes (except romas with garlic & onion powder, salt & pepper, yum) but the heirlooms smelled too good to deny. i dressed the salad with a bit of misted lemon juice & vinegar to tie in with the fish. i finished the salmon, but had forgotten how rich sockeye is - i ate only half the salad.

    cherries are finally back in season! the rainiers (my favorites) looked sad, but a cup of bing easily became dessert.

    including dessert, the meal was 419g, 314 calories, 26g carb, 30g protein, 11g good fats, 6g fiber, most of my A & all my C for the day. & it was prepared while listening to the new face to face album, which i've been waiting for nine years to hear. :D SO excited to see them play later this month!

    i managed to perfectly cook a flat iron steak to a delightful medium rare, & served it with sauteed zucchini & sweet onion from this week's organic CSA. i let the meat rest a few minutes before cutting it, & the bit of juice that made it out was mixed with horseradish for the veggies. i've eaten more red meat than usual lately due to my healing, & this cut is probably my favorite. only 236 calories total. :)

    i'm back on my feet & have so missed having nice portioned meals to pull out & reheat! this week's is 99/1 turkey breast (rosemary, oregano), zucchini & carrots (thyme), redskin potatoes (black pepper), vidalia onion, garbanzo beans, & raw red pepper. i'm especially happy with the onion - i cooked it slowly until it became tender & sweet, not very onion-y.

    this made eight servings at 262g per serving, 180cal, 20g carb, 20g protein, 5g fiber, & 80% vitamins A & C. for reference, these are 2.1 cup containers about 75% full.

    a late dinner tonight, but with my favorite animal. joe cooked some lovely lamb yesterday, & i reheated a slice of that & made a simple salad to go with it.

    for dessert, a slice of galia melon & some cherries:

    all totaled: 260cal, 12g carb, 28g protein, all my vitamin A & C, & a needed 20% of the day's iron.

    blue marlin tonight! i haven't had it before, so i cooked it very simply with some coriander & pepper. (though i do that with most fish anyhow - i prefer the taste of fresh fish over any marinade.) i spiced a roma to go with them - garlic powder, onion flakes, thyme, salt & pepper. & oh yeah, a bucket of these for dessert:

    262 cal, 33g carb, 23g protein, 6g fiber, lotsa A&C.

    i cooked an 8oz lobster tail & put it over organic romaine, heirloom tomato, & crimini mushrooms, dressed with lemon juice alone. i also made a little appetizer of a half dozen crayfish, since i'd never actually had them & i'm a big fan of "try everything". (case in point, a friend & i are potentially going in on an exotic meat of the month club...!)

    233cal, 13g carb, 41g protein, 3g fat, tons of vitamin A. the downside is that lobster is high in cholesterol, but on average i only take in 50% of the maximum daily recommended limit, so a high day is perfectly fine.

    last time was so extra good that i modeled this week's off it. 99/1 turkey breast, portabello mushroom, zucchini, redskin potatoes, vidalia onion, carrots, black beans, & raw yellow pepper; sage & cracked rainbow pepper as primary spices. & i split a 100cal pack of craisins among the ten servings this created 'cause they go so well with the turkey.

    276g is 170cal, 24g carb, 18g protein, 5g fiber, 150% A, 90% C, & 11% of my iron for the day. i see anything at or better than 3:2 grams:calories as a major success. :)

    that was last night (& lunch today). tonight i'm having a small flat iron steak & a large salad of organic romaine, heirloom, criminis, radishes, red & yellow pepper, celery, & bean sprouts. 796g total, 360cal, 27g carb, 45g protein, 10g fiber, all my A & C & half my iron. woot!

    two kinds of chicken sausage (regular italian & spicy), organic eggplant, sweet potato, carrots (thyme), zucchini & purple garlic (basil), sweet onion & baby bella mushrooms (oregano), & a teaspoon of olive oil for the whole thing (<3 misto). i've never cooked an eggplant myself before, & i just cubed it & let it roast until it became melty. the potato & carrots got steamed in the pan. i cooked the six chicken sausages yesterday so they could be cold for me to slice today, & that made distributing the juice easier, too.

    it made eight large portions at 317 grams each, for 172 cal, 19g carb, 17g protein, 5.5g fiber, an abundance of vitamin A & 642mg potassium. definitely going to use more eggplant in these meals.

    flat iron steak, sauteed organic spinach, baby bellas, & a fuckton of purple garlic. 351 cal, 18g carb, 46g protein, heaps of vitamin A in the spinach, of course. it's not as pretty a picture as last time, owing to some wayward connective tissue, but it came out a lovely rare. i also rested it correctly - lost almost no juice & it was still nice & hot. :)

    last week's meals were so delicious that i nearly remade it. that was the best mix i've ever put together, but this one's a close second. :)

    two kinds of chicken sausage (four each of basil & sun dried tomato, & regular italian), organic eggplant, turnip, carrots (thyme), zucchini (basil), yellow squash, spinach, sweet onion, & a ton of purple garlic. i deglazed the pan properly & spooned this over each portion at the end.

    nine servings of 350 grams each (almost 2 cups), 177 cal, 17g carb, 20g protein, 5.6g fiber, all the vitamin A, half my C, & 715mg potassium. sooooo good.

    speaking of food, rainier cherries are back in season & i have about three pounds in the fridge. here, look at something shiny while i blissfully enjoy stone fruit.

    my ears are on fire -
    some of you know i had surgery in may. there are a few details on my lj if you're interested, but what makes this germane is that i barely wore plugs for three weeks. i threw in some "ear pajamas" every other day or so to avoid unintentional downsizing, as i was almost wholly confined to the sofa, but that was about it. being across the room from my collection, propped up on pillows, & not entirely mobile - these things meant nude lobes were my zero state.

    i was just starting to get back into being functional when middlewoodland emailed me that his sorcerous new creation was complete. so it was an extra measure of joy to have spectacular new plugs to celebrate my Triumphant Return to Normalcy!

    back in mid-january, i emailed brian asking if he had anything magical coming up. his response was that "'magical' doesn't even describe what i have lined up for you." when pressed, he went on to say:

    I honestly will not describe this because if for some reason they don't turn out, and if you saw what they 'could have been' you die a small death inside and I really don't want to do that to you. This is going to be like performing brain surgery on ones own mother. But not due to the material (as the material should perform quite well) but due to the basically once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity stress. And I have to practice on a like material first (which I have here) to make sure I know how it works so that will add a little time to it all. Like doing brain surgery on a squirrel first and then moving on to your mother next.

    o_O how does one respond to that? i tried to push, but the boy was clamped down. so i waited, & eventually brian's own omglookittheshiny-ness won out, & i was sent this in march:

    I have been staring at this other project of yours just dying to show it to you. It's beyond all wonder. But the longer I look at it the more ideas of angles to cut it come to mind. Like would you rather do heart surgery or brain surgery? lol. Geez. One bad move and its dead on the table.

    so i petted his id a bit, & he sent me these pictures:

    i couldn't actually handle what i was seeing. it's like a microwaved CD. how did it move? how did it form? this is obsidian? obsidian from earth? are magnets somehow involved? KIND OF! brian went on:

    Fire Obsidian. Or shall I say Fire Obsceneian from Glass Butte, Oregon. Absolutely the most rare and pricey of all obsidian. Do an ebay search.

    The stuff is incredibly wild. The color is caused by a micro thin layer of magnetite inside the obsidian. To cut anywhere into it destroys it in a blink of an eye. Most all that I have seen is much too small to make plugs with but could be cabbed. But imagine trying to get down to the fire without going too far while making the cab or else it is ruined. Most of the time, you can't even see the fire in the black stone.. all you would see is a super fine ribbon of silver going through the rock and then you would have to chase down to it hoping for color and fire. Rough material is sold all busted up at crazy ass angles with little ribbons of silver and thats all you get to see. So far, this is the only piece that I have seen with a large area like this. Some of the pieces sold on ebay are pictured on somebody's fingertip. Other larger pieces are flat and thin. I specifically bought this piece ($$) with you in mind (though you can pass if you're not interested!) Imagine my fear of cutting into this.

    As you see in the pics, oriented as I am showing, the plugs would be around 50% or so totally black. I would absolutely LOVE to get 100% color but it seems impossible though I must say that the black is highly contrasting to the massive rainbow play of scintillating colors and looks like it would be really cool.

    i love the half-black faces he presented. full rainbow i think would be too much, but the black sets it off soooo well. we talked a LOT about this material: how he was going to cut it, the tools he'd use, the practice piece he bought, & so on. he intended to use a new blade for each plug just to be as careful as possible. the other two plugs he made were to ramp up to my set. & in early june, after a lot of fear & caution & trepidation & more fear, he was able to successfully complete the full set. they were finished.

    brian sent me these images:

    & i managed my own pics, which was difficult in gray seattle weather (while still healing, too):

    backlit, they're a pretty sepia, & you can see the magnetite layer to the right on each plug:

    on the rightmost plug, it appears there's a second layer in there, too. what wild stuff comes from this planet! & from planet middle woodland. XD

    more research revealed the magnetite layer is actually only as thick as a single wavelength of light, & that explains why it does what it does. oh i'm sorry, did i not properly explain what it does?

    THAT'S WHAT THEY DO. yuuuuup.

    i was even able to get in-ear shots - with a lot of difficulty, haha.

    i'd love to be able to wear them with the magnetite turned to the bottom, like a black sky over an oily sea, but this positioning is the way the flash the best. & so have they chosen their own in-ear configuration. :)

    & just to be as ridiculous as possible about this whole thing, brian put this together for your viewing delight:

    thanks again, brian, for your wonderful artistry, talent, tenacity, & insistence on bringing us fascinating new materials!

    enjoy. :D

    edit: brian noted later: Your pair has angled planes of fire that are somewhat collapsed downward into a V shape whereas the other fire obsidian shown so far are flatter planes (albeit sometimes slightly dipping or bowed under the surface). Yours would also be considered 'lunar' when it comes to brightness. That is, it can still be seen under the light of the moon. wow.

    & for being such a good reader, you may have this something as well as this better something. :D

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