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so i was forced into spending $390 at newegg this week because the motherboard in my primary computer - my HOME - died hard & unexpectedly. the stress & pain of this is on par with a major house fire.

i suppose there were a couple of signs. a few months back, the onboard soundcard's line-in port went silent. this is weird enough on its own, but i moved to the mic jack & was still able to record audio. the bigger issue was about a week previous, when usb completely stopped working - to attempt to access any hardware via usb suddenly caused a complete shutdown of the system, even during boot. & i don't mean like "la la, linux is shutting down now, here is a scroll of things i'm doing from /etc/rc6.d/"... it shutdown like "your power has been cut & you don't own a battery backup" - killed dead. (this made me VERY grateful for ext3/xfs, since i well remember the days when a hard shutdown like that would cause horrible data loss every time.) testing4l suspected that udev was writing somewhere it shouldn't be. i disabled usb in the bios & waited for phil to develop some ideas.

phil came up with a list of things to try, starting with replacing the rather ancient cmos battery. i purchased one, shutdown cleanly, installed it... & the machine just wouldn't boot again. at first i couldn't get more than a half second of power to the system. after fucking with some jumpers, it'd get power - but there was no video & no bios beep AT ALL. this happened shortly before a hair client arrived, which felt like the worst timing in the world, but ended up being semi-okay. the client was really cool & helped take my mind off it, & joe spent the entire three-hour session searching newegg for upper-middle-class hardware. (i still run 90% CLI, & DooM remains the most graphics-intensive game i play - i wasn't going to cheap out & didn't want the system to be obsolete before it arrived, but i hardly need state-of-the-art.)

joe found me this equipment: a six-core processor, AM3+ motherboard, 16G corsair ram, & a 500 watt rosewill power supply, & i bought them with phil's approval. it sucks to have to replace FOUR MAJOR PARTS because the MB is the likely culprit & my old hardware won't translate, but that's ALWAYS better than dealing with a crashed/dead/defective/otherwise wounded hard drive. my hard drives are fine - that's the silver lining. that's what takes the house fire down to a kitchen fire.

since stupid MLKjr day fucked up my ~free two day shipping~, i went ahead & moved my main hard drive into joe's most stable computer (he doesn't live in a computer the same way i do) & can access it again via ssh from my netbook. phil had designs of chroot, but joe's system is 32 bit, so it'd require chroot'ing into my 32 install & then binding my way to the stuff i need most in my 64... it turned into too much of a mess to bother for a week.

it's absolutely no fun to buy a new computer system when it's forced like this, plus i'm unsure if that's the only problem. i hope i can get everything working like normal in the next few weeks & can get at least some enjoyment out of "oh hey, everything runs so fast now!" regardless, new hardware arrives tomorrow... IF the impending snowpocalypse doesn't completely wipe out UPS & all of seattle.

oh, & did i mention that my work computer got horribly virused the same day usb at home died? fucking windows. it hobbled along for a week or so, & then suddenly wouldn't boot up again - some dll was magically missing. so this is my 2012: two computers inside one week were shutdown properly & never booted up again. >_< (;_;) 9_9

things making 2012 better: my hot boyfriend, THIS OF COURSE, & delicious food:

still recovering from this meal, i craved salad tonight. organic romaine, carrot, red pepper, criminis, avocado, oregano, fresh snow crab, & one colossal prawn 'cause they looked so good. :) 288 cal, 21g carb, 36g protein, 7g good fats, quad A & double C, & 10g fiber.

i cooked some lean turkey sausage tonight for lunches this week, & got inspired by the excess of juice in the pan when they were done. so i steamed some cabbage in it, & then sauteed some zucchini with basil in what was left. both turned out very tasty! i picked up a few more collasal prawns for protein, which didn't meld well, so i finished the veggies first & then ate the prawns with horseradish. 216 calories, 21g carb, 32g protein, 7g fiber, & tons of vitamin C.

a beautiful slab of steelhead trout over succotash. i hadn't had steelhead before, so i didn't season it; it's pretty nice, but i prefer other fish. 384 calories, 30g carb, 39g protein, 8g fiber. (a heavier meal because lunch was accidentally too light, as i forgot to bring a component. :) )

i like to wrap things up in lettuce. tonight i cooked basil chicken & laid it out with roma tomato & steamed acorn squash on romaine. i loved the squash with this - it felt so nice to eat that i'll probably make mayoless chicken salad with it later this week. 309 calories, 27g carb, 41g protein, 6.5g fiber, 1.5x A & .75x C.

also jewelry being saved:
oh no, what got destroyed now? -
so remember my mars tragedy that ended in triumph? well, fortunately this story has a happy ending too. :)

i'm rarely around blacklights, but i was an investor in a friend's enormous holiday rave, & he really wanted me to stop by & enjoy some VIP/backstage whatnot. so i figured this would be a great opportunity to wear the scorpion plugs that girlgoth lovingly painted for my birthday...

...only to discover the paint was bubbling. D:

i backed slowly away from the plugs & immediately emailed lily. as this was her first pair, she'd been concerned that there might be issues, & had encouraged me to contact her if so. i was HAPPY to - i could probably fix it, but lily CERTAINLY could, & i knew she'd do as perfect a job of it as is possible to do. & i also didn't have to stress about potentially messing it up - i was just so grateful to be able to trust someone else to make it right.

i didn't take any photos of the bubbling, but here's a reminder of how they looked when i first received them:

lily sent updates as the repair progressed. she discovered that while much of the red paint had pulled away from the plug, the scorpions themselves were just barely safe. i was sent this horrifying pic after she'd carefully chipped away the bubbled paint:

after some research, it was determined the topcoat is what had caused the issue - not the paint itself. she used sally hansen's no-chip acrylic topcoat, which i myself have used. seems everyone hates this stuff, even on sally hansen's own site... a lot of complaints about it chipping, cracking, & peeling. after some brainstorming, we determined that the topcoat must shrink significantly. when i've used it, i've done so as a single coat around the entire front flare - which gives it a "base" to shrink TO, & i've had no problems. lily's use had been multiple coats within a flat, recessed area - so when it shrank, it simply pulled in towards the center, bubbling at the edges but leaving the scorpions thankfully intact.

she repainted the red background, & applied layers of a more "known" topcoat instead... & the result is even better than before! (she also made sure the new topcoat isn't UV-reactive. :) )

lily said they're like little oil paintings now, with a bit of age & character. i'm even more pleased with them, & am SO relieved that they're okay! thank you, oh queen of bats! :)

ps! i just found out my DVT friend had a mild stroke! hooray! go 2012! he seems okay & is recovering well... but still. a fucking stroke. DEAR NEW YEAR, KNOCK IT OFF. KTHX

i hope the next post can be a bit more upbeat. hey, maybe 2012 is getting all the shit out of the way early so the rest of the year can be super awesome?
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