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the list of broken things from the last post: zgv, gmplayer, quite probably cups - & that last one's only there because i've been too pleased to test it.

the new video card installed decently well. i had to remove one of the inverse monitor screws to get it into the case, then the bios chose it without being told, & there was some weirdness that it wouldn't accept a cable hotswap, & the plug's putting a LITTLE pressure on the vga port (potentially shortening the card's life by flexing it, who knows), & i had to reboot again to actually USE the card, but it WORKS. CLI is back to true CLI, no more weirdo setfont hack, & most importantly: zgv worked immediately. :D :D

but zgv/svgalib broke after i started x with the nvidia kernel module. phil discovered that the vesa framebuffer was coming up first, then conflicting with nvidia's fb once x was started, which killed svgalib. after a lot of swapping things around & enough reboots for a decade (ONE PER YEAR is ALL YOU NEED, & that's for a KERNEL UPGRADE DAMNIT), we ended up getting everything going with uvesafb, xserver-xorg-video-vesa, & no nvidia. this allowed zgv to be happy! plus movies worked with -vo x11, but they wouldn't play in fullscreen. i couldn't change the video size at all, so movies encoded larger than my monitor weren't really watchable... until i discovered -zoom the next day. it's nice to fix something by myself again, haha. but i can't fix that vesa x will only go to 1024x768, which is okay since it looks just like it did on the old box, but i came to prefer 1280x1024.

new broken things list: higher resolution x, quite probably cups. i'd say the system has gone from 60% functional to 95%. phil's genius brain is still chugging away on nvidia, so i'm sure x'll be autofixed when i can get back on the nvidia module. & once that's stable, i'll bring myself to delicately poke at cups. (unless i need to print shit at home first, in which case i anticipate RageNight, as cups is wont to demand.)

finally got a glimpse into phil's motivation to help me, though:
[15:12] <CERisE8192> It's my hope to make your system so well off now that when it eventually dies a horrible death, you'll be even more traumatized.
[15:13] <CERisE8192> It's what friends are for, right? 8)
for once, phil says something truly hilarious that ISN'T a pun. :D

so i figured out what i'm going to do to memorialize my grandmother. my grammy had a majorly green thumb & always had flowers still growing in october; she was a world traveller, visiting ~55 countries by the time she died at 95; she loved to care for & feed her family; she decorated everything & had dozens of beautiful, ornate table settings; she always enjoyed & kept fancy-tail goldfish. i was going the direction of trying to tie in these & other visual elements, but it's morphing into something i think is far better...

i was really inspired by eidolon's memorial tattoo & its simplicity. (he had tattooed "you make me proud" on his wrist in his grandfather's handwriting.) i'm thinking now of making the image aspect just a single goldfish, probably from a dorsal view, on my upper outer left thigh. i have some letters my grandmother wrote, & from them i've been piecing together her handwriting. the idea is whenever i visit a new country, i can add to the piece by tattooing the name of the country, in her hand, beneath the fish. ideally each lettering tattoo would be done IN that country. with the way her handwriting wavers, it might even come out looking like a fish jumping out of a rippling pool of countries. & thus would this memorial tattoo continue to live & evolve on me as i travel with her in mind, instead of being a single, static piece of art.

(the fucking bummer aspect is that my grandmother had literally a full closet of boxes of photos from her trips, each labeled BY HAND with the country's name, but my mother has discarded them all. it crushes me, but i have a good quantity of her writing in letters, & i've some ideas on how to get more. so i'll make do & not let it get me down, as grammy never let ANYTHING get HER down.)

over several days of searching, i found nearly all of her handwriting in letters & cards she'd sent me, but couldn't find E J K O Qq U V Xx Zz or 8. (not that i need the numbers for this memorial, but it's all part of her handwriting. i also have her ampersand, which could be useful in travel to Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, et cetera.) & thus began the real hunt. the E was especially important since i want to start the tattoo by going to the places she & i travelled together: england, scotland, wales, ireland, & france (probably france first since paris was her favorite). we also visited canada together, but that one's a day trip to achieve.

i called rental agencies from places she lived, magazines & newspapers she held subscriptions to, the place where we got my first car loan that she cosigned, but got nowhere - either they didn't keep copies of checks or it had been too long (over seven years). then it was suggested that i can buy a copy of her marriage certificate online! that could potentially yield the E, K, & x if she spelled out all five of her names. when i asked my aunt for help in narrowing down the date to order it, she replied with my uncle's birth certificate, which gave me two Es, a J, & a second H! (duplicates are important so her writing doesn't look like a font, & i don't want to have to mildly modify letters myself if i can avoid it.) i've got some more leads to tackle this week, but it's going great - i'm down to needing just K O Qq U V Xx Zz 8. it's like the best & worst treasure hunt ever, haha.

on the subject of tattoos, i've also had my eyebrows tattooed this month. lulz, don't freak out, they're the "permanent cosmetics" type & not big black dots or flames or whatever the shit people have been known to do. i found a chick in the area who can make them look seriously real, individual hairs & all, & it's delightful having eyebrows again. (where had they gone? got me, age does that sometimes. other people get wrinkles, i lost my brows? apparently!) i have a standard touchup at the end of the month, & i'm assembling a montage of youth/before/fresh/healed/touchup/final that will be available by request if i don't hate you. (i probably hate you.)

in closing, another super sexy thing i found about the new box:
Cpu(s): 51.1%us,  3.7%sy,  0.0%ni, 45.0%id,  0.2%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.1%si,  0.0%st
Mem:  16402104k total,  9319780k used,  7082324k free,      980k buffers
Swap:  1951860k total,        0k used,  1951860k free,  8088700k cached
  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND           
 8862 crank     20   0 1065m 523m  33m R  105  3.3  60:00.18 firefox-bin
 3411 root      20   0  230m  29m  10m R  100  0.2   0:26.36 mencoder
 3429 root      20   0 14896 2384 1092 R  100  0.0   0:12.74 lame

you see that shit? i was hardly even trying. it's pretty sweet!

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