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say, i'm really turning this HOUSE into a HOME*

so the usb 3.0 flash drive could be read by computers but not by the tv or xbox. oddly, it had arrived partitioned into four 4G segments, one of which was flagged NOVELL NETWARE. wtf? i fdisk'd & mkdosfs'd, but it still failed. turns out the block device was fucked, so off it went back to newegg. the replacement drive had only one partition & worked perfectly out of the box. obviously something was very wrong with that first drive, but all is well now. (why do i always have issues with pen drives?)

since it's working, i've found having a 16G drive is SO handy. between the tv being able to play 1080p mp4/mpg/wmv, & the xbox happy with 1080p avi, i hardly need to plug the zen (composite out) into the tv anymore. the less i use RWY cables, the happier i am. i even made a little black duct tape sleeve for the pendrive so i can't see its lightning bug ass flashing bright blue during movies, haha.

thankfully, the new component switchbox integrated easily, the storage hassock is beautiful (& can hold up to 225lb, so most of our friends can sit on it), & sic737 came through (no surprise there, good pony) with the ideal speaker shelf. we also finished sanding & painting the extra shelf for the stereo cabinet, so that looks great. it's actually relaxing to be in the apartment again, not annoying that we can't read subtitles or that the picture's so small or that we can't plug joe's psp into the tv because the cable is component only. the last thing to add is a long-assed vga cable to my computer, but we have to finish sorting out my video modules first.

with everything in place, here's a pic of our new front room wall:

this, of course, is the best pre-giant-tv front room pic. XD or maybe this one is safer. i don't have a pic that also shows the 75gal aquarium, though you can see a glimpse of it in joe's 2011 birthday video, or you can imagine it was where the black dvd cabinet now stands. & it's also thanks to chris that my parking meter has a sturdy new base. ^_^

i still want to hang a few small floating shelves for the glass sculptures i acquired when i was working at the gallery (original sarmiento, beck, & walentynowicz pieces that i dearly miss seeing; i also have a gifted hora, though it's not as exciting), but they may wait a bit longer. for now, i placed my favorite, the walentynowicz, on the center speaker. & yes, those are my rainbow labradorites being shown in 1080p direct from youtube. i was scared to give the tv internet at first, but now it's SUPER AWESOME.

speaking of super awesome: for no particular reason, joe decided to surprise me with a dinner date to flying fish! they were running a special groupon a month or two ago, & i asked if joe wanted to split it. he gave me this big rigmarole about how he doesn't like seafood & why would he want to pay so much for three courses of it & he has other things to buy... & it turns out he'd already bought it for us by the time i'd asked. :)

so we did that, & it was wonderful. we split each of these:

lingcod & basmati rice cake in miso broth with cilantro & onion
sister in law mussels, chili lime dipping sauce, lemongrass & lime leaf broth

hawaiian swordfish, bacon chive potato cake, braised kale, calimata olive butter sauce
neah bay halibut with fresh english peas, fava beans, baby carrots, tarragon butter & pea shoots

warm grappa brownie with vanilla ice cream, espresso syrup, chocolate sable

that brownie, by the way, was a flourless chocolate torte PRETENDING to be a brownie because it wasn't in a CAKE SHAPE. we fought over the espresso syrup, omg. the whole meal was phenomenal. i liked the swordfish the best, & joe preferred the halibut.

& the next day, still recovering from the above:

we had all these beautiful green peppers from our CSA this week, so i stuffed this one with tuna-avocado salad, made with sage, celery seed, & parsley. i packed it tightly into the pepper so i could eat it like an apple. 255 calories, 11g carb, 35g protein, 6g fiber.

meals for the week! chicken apple sausage, organic zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, carrots, water chestnuts, black beans, & pumpkin seeds. 234 calories, 27g carb, 22g protein, 7.5g fiber, full A & 70% of C.

oh hey, it's been since december that i've purchased any new jewelry...

deliciousness + ridiculousness = ridelicioulousness? -

babypietattoo makes tiny, incredibly detailed foods out of clay. she installs these yummy looking things into steel eyelets so they can safely be worn. & this process has resulted in OMGZ I HAVE BLUEBERRY PIES IN MY EARHOLES.

i've admired petra's work for a while - her sugary realism in tiny scale appeals to multiple aspects of my personality. however, none of her offerings seemed to quite suit me until i saw these 1" blueberry pies on her etsy. i was sold - but what to do for the match?

the plugs were SO cute that a single 4ga blueberry seemed to somehow LESSEN the cuteness. a scoop of ice cream or dollop of whipped cream were possiblities, but the winning idea was a single slice of pie. of course, it couldn't just be an additional slice - it had to be sliced FROM one of the big pies.

it took petra about a month between her other tasks to figure out how to cut a slice. i asked why she didn't just build the pie around a hole, but she replied that "the gutty works spilled out and got tiny blueberries everywhere", haha. however she sussed it, i'm just stoked she made it happen!

here's the first pic petra showed me. the initial slicing attempt failed, which is why both are missing a piece:

she kindly made a solid pair to match them so i wouldn't get questions about where the second slice went. :D that, of course, means there's another 3/4" pair available on her etsy if anyone else would like to indulge in her exceptional eye for delicious detail! here's a group photo of sweets she shot:

these have GOT to be my cutest plugs. & of course, petra made sure to send me the set that the slice actually came from, so the gorgeous golden-brown lattice work matches up.

being a DIY-type, as you know, i ended up modifying them slightly myself. you could originally see through the missing slice hole, which looked awkward with my vertical conch... so i added a bit of folded aluminum to give it a pie plate backing to match the eyelet flare. XD

seriously, so delicious:

& the in-ears. i wear the open slice to the front so someone facing me can see right into the pie. :)

yum! anyone up for a dessert run? :D

ps: re-deh-lihsh-yew-liss-ness :D

hindsight through optical quartz -
yah, so i missed out on this pair of 3/4" "silver rain" rutilated quartz, as towhatmaycome had already bought them when i saw them listed on relic's site. i didn't care that much, & honestly wasn't even sure i wanted them, especially not for their rather significant price tag.

really, i wasn't much for rutilated quartz until leo sent me a sample of it with a later order... & it stunned me. it was so sexy, i just had no idea. i looked through leo's rough, but there was no more silver, & the "red" rutiles were too brown, or too sparse, or the quartz was too cloudy. a lot of rough i saw looked hairy, & some reminded me of a dirty ashtray - just totally unappealing to my eye. it started to ache that i'd missed a silver pair, & a perfect silver pair at that - random spacing (not "bundled"), optical quartz, & the denseness of the rutile all made that pair THE pair. & the most painful part was that crystal had leo grind them down to 5/8" mayans, so there was zero hope to acquire them later if crystal opted to sell.

i told leo he had a guaranteed sale if he found more "silver rain", but he couldn't. every few months i'd run a search on ebay to see if i could find some good rough, but - damned goldilocks stone! - the rutile was never silver enough or heavy enough, or the quartz wasn't clear enough...

...until just before new year's when i ran into this piece of brazillian AAA, jewelry-grade, silver rutilated quartz. i emailed leo straight away, & he responded immediately that he could get my set out of it - & at a good price, too. i made a "best offer" on the stone at 80% of what the seller was asking, & it was quickly accepted. inside ten minutes, a long-held desire began to take real shape.

some pics of the quartz, starting with my favorite:

leo was concerned he might not be able to keep the "star" shape:

but i replied that's okay, because i actually kind of hate it. :)

so i had the quartz sent right to leo, but a few days later received a sad email - it wasn't big enough for both plugs, much less the full set. had the dimensions been for a cube, sure, but it was cut at an angle & just too difficult to judge from pics. we vaguely agreed to do one plug & the 4ga, & i thought i might try mocking up a freebin rock crystal single i have until i could find a matching piece of quartz for the second plug. le sigh.

i scanned ebay again, but only found coppery colors. i figured it couldn't hurt to ask the seller if he had any other pieces to list that might match... & lightning struck! an hour or so later, he put up a listing for this piece, & said he'd accept the same "best offer" price. he noted it's even from the same find, so the quartz & rutile match well, though this is a "better" piece with special inclusions: penetrator crystals, small interior crystals, & "tiny silver color cubes". i mailed leo, suggested that he might look to pulling the right ear duo from that piece instead, & i committed.

here are pics of the second piece of rough:

there were concerns about flare size, & a possibility that one plug may be smaller than the other, but they both ended up *perfect*. once again i luck out by having slim lobes (back to front, that is) - it doesn't take much material to fit me perfectly.

so here's the final pair!

they're a little less balanced then i generally prefer, but i absolutely love that the 4ga has a tiny inclusion to match the big plug:

this is prrrretty sexy:

since both plugs have something of an angle bracket in them, i wear them positioned in-ear to frame my face (ie, < ^_^ >), like i do with my earths. this also makes it so the front view shows the most rutile (a trick i learned from my aquariums).

& since these have a 3D aspect, i decided to make a video, too:

all in all, they're not the set, but they're a pretty fucking nice substitute, & i'm very pleased to have them. in time, i may even come to love them more than crystal's pair, like i did with my DIY red spiral dichro. :)

sparkly 1080p lovin' :D -
i had some good light when i made my silver rutilated quartz video this weekend, so i shot a couple of other pairs too.

industrial strength rainbow dichro jewels

industrial strength amber-purple jewels

& i don't think i ever posted this photo. someone was curious about the peach aspect of gorilla glass blue/green/peach trichro, & i was able to snag this shot:

enjoy :)

seven months this delightful creature has been a part of my flesh. he's still mostly pink, but his coverts are certainly hitting white. it's funny how his primary feathers lifted first, & so tall that i took to sleeping on them to reduce their height; they settled beautifully, & only in the past few months have his secondaries come out to match. his tallest places are still his nape & along his wing tendon, which are so high they could be pierced. X) his lowest points are his tail & feet, as expected, but they still pop up tactilly when i haven't been in jeans all day.

every little cut survived!

this is my view of him when i'm slouching in an easy chair. i love how soft & flexible the scar is when it's not stretched to full.

early morning wing stretch:

& a couple in hard light:

enjoy :)

also of note: gudu turned ten! & joe & me being super cute - i had just come in from cold & rain, & had forgotten my umbrella; the webcam caught him warming me. :)

next up: movie marathon party, quickly approaching in april. oh yes, there will be many more events now that our tv doesn't require squinting. :D


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