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kicking ass at my day job has kept me very busy. hair clients have kept me very busy. luciferins (including the current running pre-order) & auctions & jewelry consignment jobs have kept me very busy. here are some recent happenings:

  • i now have my appointment booked to be tattooed in dublin, ireland! the Grammy Memorial Tattoo will have its third addition. :) joe & i are still sorting out the trip in general, but our hotel accommodations are in killenard, shannon, blarney, & dublin, so i'm sure there will be many castles & rolling green hills. yes, i'll make sure he kisses the blarney stone, & i will double my powers by kissing it for the second time. be afraid.

  • i've been planning another "band tattoo that isn't immediately recognizible as a band tattoo", for face to face. the art is from their glorious comeback album after a seven year hiatus, & my prospective placement makes it double as representation for an additional band. X) i was able to get permission from the artist, which is important to me, & when i saw the band play [for oh, the millionth time] in late june, i received permission from the lead singer, trever keith. :D what's more is that trever also has a tattoo from that album art - he mentioned this in person, & later i found he was filmed for that terrible LA ink show. so i was actually able to see it being done! anyhow, yeah, i'm about 90% there on mine.

  • i took travis to get his first tattoo on his birthday, the gallifreyan symbol for "travel" (his namesake). being that its a big circle, i suggested he put it on his shoulder cap, & he loved that. bryan, the artist, couldn't figure out how to get the stencil on... & then i had the genius idea to print it as an oval to apply while travis's arm was raised. i am awesome, & here is the result.

  • travis, joe, & i went to silverwood again, with aidan this time, & it was awesome. i don't have any real notes to detail, but it was a great trip with ZERO work being done for once (though i did spend a couple hours on the way home doing a full root maintenance on my dreads).

  • i had the most success i've ever had in editing a shirt: my scarwars scalpel heart. i waited for eight years to own this design, & of course it didn't come in babydoll or anything close to fitting me... but this one does now! i have a sewing machine, but i'm not great at working with fabric, so to have projects come out that are wearable in public is a pretty big achievement. the sleeves came out perfectly, though you can't really tell that while i'm holding the camera myself, heh. you can see it here if you're so inclined.

  • i posted this. enjoy my being naked under there. X)

  • i also had some time to make a new jewelry post.
    carprocedonagiotrasper... what? -
    when courtstruction posted her collection, i was taken by her "carnelian agate". less than a month later, she emailed me offering to sell them at a ridiculously low price. who could say no?

    but what are they? i thought they looked odd for carnelian, & when they arrived it made even less sense. i looked up some info online, & nothing i could find led me to believe they were any kind of carnelian - real or dyed agate.

    thus began the search. a couple folks thought it might be coprolite, & i even tried the mineral & gemstone kingdom's suggestions on testing the stone's mohs score - they stuck with chalcedony or agate. leo thought it might be a low-grade bloodstone or fancy jasper, & there are similarities to this pair, which says it's indian bloodstone. i couldn't find a definitive example of indian bloodstone without the green, but i also couldn't find african bloodstone without blocky, chunky red. SO, i figure i'll just call it chalcedony - that's the most broad term which agrees with nearly everyone. (agate, carnelian, & heliotrope [bloodstone] are types of chalcedony, & even coprolite is considered "agatized".)

    i sat on this pair for a few weeks, debating whether they were too close to my african bloodstone. i eventually decided they're different enough when i found myself specifically wanting to wear them over the others; the bloodstone is green-gray & these are purply-gray with white, you see. :)

    here's the full set:

    i had a lot of fun making this 4ga match. :)

    the match is painted over my old sea sediment jasper. (considering the naming issues written in that post, i figured it only made sense. :D ) if you wonder what it takes to make a match like this, i used four colors of nailpolish to make the gray, three colors of acrylic to mix the red, a dab of white nailpolish toned down with black, a bunch of clearcoat, a touch of black mixed into clear to add depth, & a bunch more clearcoat to finish. i'm very happy with the result!

    & the in-ears:


    & yes, courtstruction, i saw your request... but i don't want to let them go. i will, however, publicly promise to offer them to you first if i do decide to say goodbye. :)

  • & i conclude with something anyone who knows me should enjoy - rich's awesome dream about me (7-23-13):
    Hey I just had a bizarre dream that featured you and thought you might like to hear about it.

    So I'm in (Boston, I think) for some sort of trip and you're letting me stay at your place. I'm not sure why I'm in Boston or why you have a place there, but each day I have some sort of adventure (which most of do not take place in Boston) and each night I tell you about the adventures and you make fun of me (to a mild extent) or the people involved (to a harsh extent) as befitting each adventure.

    So on one of my adventures, I run into a weird chick I knew from college who apparently tried to hit on me at one point but she didn't know how to hit on guys and I didn't know how to recognize chicks hitting on me (that description is a real description, not a dream description). She strikes up a conversation with me and seems lonely. I am polite but I blow her off and get on with my daily adventure. That night you are not home or otherwise not in the main room when I get home but I find that weird chick has followed me there and sneaks up behind me and shoots me twice in the side of the head with a pistol. While my vision is fading she yells at me for not paying more attention to her in college and runs out. Moments (hours?) later I sort of wake up again relieved that apparently she was using a very low caliber weapon and that my skull is thick. I see that you are perched in a comfy chair eating cereal and watching TV. You give me a cheerful "What's up?" like nothing out of the ordinary is going on while I lift myself up from a pool of my own blood and bone chips. I ask you why you didn't help me and you say that you didn't want to disturb my bleeding time. I look in a mirror and notice that my bleeding is almost stopped and I am thankful again for my thick skull. I tell you what happened and ask you to take me to the hospital. You say that you can, but you need to make a stop first.

    I get in your car (the old one you used to have when you lived in town) and you take me to a Rave. I'm all, "Lish, I need to get to a hospital!" and you're all "You need to chill out. You're fine. I'll only be a little while, meanwhile get in there and enjoy yourself for a bit and stop complaining about your Owchie" (you might have said "Boo-boo" or some other sort of childish reference to a small injury).

    So I check a mirror again and see that I'm not bleeding anymore but I have a knot the size of a baseball where I was shot. I wipe it off and go into the club and start chatting people up. I quickly become a sort of celebrity in the club that night for being the guy that got shot in the head twice and came to a party instead of going to a hospital. Eventually we leave and you take me to a hospital, in Las Vegas. Maybe I was in Vegas the whole time... hard to tell. When we get there I have to convince the ER nurse to treat me like any other Gunshot Wound she would get in an ambulance rather than putting me off with paperwork and putting me at the end of the line. I wake up while I am explaining to her the finer points of a well-run ER triage.

    you guys. i didn't want to disturb his bleeding time. omg, that is awesome.

    okay, there you go. the next post will be... joe's birthday!@#!!@
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