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philly/new hampshire 2014

so yeah, i had an awesome time hanging out with jesuscrux. i almost canceled the trip due to snow hitting the east coast again, but tom reminded me that the east coast actually owns snow plows, unlike seattle where we have all of two. i flew in on friday (valentine's day - the airline gave us all extra cookies to celebrate; i guess southwest figures fat replaces love?), & indeed i was delayed on my layover in chicago, but i arrived safely.

we drove up to new hampshire on saturday. this turned out to be The Most Dangerous Roadtrip, as there was pretty much a blizzard going on the entire time. we quickly learned that massachusetts plows perfectly to their state borders, whereas connecticut & new hampshire give a big white fluffy "fuck you" to people on the roads. we pretty much skied to new hampshire in tom's miata, & it's a good thing he'd taken time to put on the snow tires. what's normally a six hour trip ended with six hours of perpetual "two hours to your destination", & i think it took us about ten hours all told.

around 8pm we stopped for food, & randomly chose tomasso, which turned out to be a zagat-rated amazing little piece of massachusetts deliciousness. i had the black pepper and mustard crusted heritage pork, cooked medium rare, with honey roasted pears & marsala glazed turnips. ugh, it was so fucking good. we didn't stay for dessert due to the weather, but i took their torta di cioccolata with me (flourless chocolate cake, toasted pecans, caramel sauce - & it was lovely & sexy to eat with my fingers in the car, especially the toffee-like burnt caramel).

we not only stayed in the same hotel as last time i was cut, but it was the same room, too! due to the excessive amount of tense driving poor tom had to do, i immediately booked us for a second night, & tom headed in for a long, hot bath.

the next morning, we had breakfast at maddie's with snittykitty, her husband mike, & samantha_sick. mmm, pesto benedict & apple cinnamon tea cake. ^_^ we hung out a bit, then sam accompanied us to precision so ryan ouellette could make me bleed again.

the cutting itself hurt, yeah, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the hawk. i was able to ragdoll & zen my way through it pretty well. it all had to be flesh removal, as single cuts would just heal shut due to the placement. the hawk had no removals, so it was interesting to watch ryan peel off tiny strips of lish. after about an hour & a half, we were done. (tom took photos from across the room as to not bother ryan, so you'll have to excuse the mild blurriness. yay for 20x optical zoom. :D )


ryan's finished shot:

(i'm not going to detail what the piece means to me; you're welcome to look up the word & extrapolate. if you've been keeping up on my life, it shouldn't be difficult to understand how this word relates.)

it wasn't much bother to live with - ryan let me leave the gauze in place until we got back to tom's house the next day, & soaking it off was probably the worst part. typing was a bit impacted for the first week, but not terribly.

the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. i bought lots of tastykakes (why do i always end up with the weird ones?) & we had true philly steak sandwiches, of course. i was sent a credit voucher from southwest for the delay in chicago, which was a nice surprise, though they gave me nothing for pushing out my return flight an entire day due to another snowstorm in chicago. (fortunately, my current first-world problem is too much PTO, so that wasn't an issue, heh.) tom took an extra day off work & we lazed around & ate good food (shout out to jess, tom's girlfriend) & played video games & board games & it was a very nice, battery-charging trip.

i successfully relied on the kindness of strangers to put my luggage in the overhead bin on the flights back, & i arrived home without incident. thanks again, tommy & ryan, for taking such good care of me. :)

healing montages so far:

i took the saran wrap off after day 12, & it actually scabbed up a bit despite keeping it wrapped two extra days, so pardon the oil. extremities heal sloooowly.

more pics to come, obviously.

since the trip, i've been very productive - i finished painting a canvas for the bedroom (making some sexy art to reclaim the space, woo - one more to go), mounted a giant vinyl sticker of the world on paper to hang above my sofa (replacing the big map of rainier joe had there; i ordered my sticker in gray with burgundy location points, & i've marked all the places i've been :D), resized a couple of shirts, tracked down several more b-sides i didn't know exist from stellastarr (i'm also planning a tattoo to recognize them; much like my other "band tattoos", you'd never know the image represents the band unless i explained it), hooked my ps1 back up (helo guitar freaks!), had the sofa steam-cleaned to get out all the joe crumbs & aidan sweat, & have successfully kept the apartment clean with extreme help from hungry the roomba. it feels good to have a tidy space again.

beyond that, i'm preparing for cabo & the Grammy Memorial Tattoo addition. i found a good shop not far from the hotel, made an appointment, & am all set to have Mexico added to the GMT. i'm starting to look forward to the trip instead of just thinking it's weird & being uncomfortable, so that's good. also robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands gave me this amazing piece of art as a belated birthday present; humans of seattle got me, & i might go to australia & new zealand this year. *innocent whistling* don't get TOO excited, anachlirium - nothing's set yet. but australia IS in my top ten, & it is a distinct possibility that i may be there around september. if so, you're accompanying me to your artist to add to the GMT. X)

okay, next update will be post-mexico...

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