lish (lishd) wrote,

a very spendy post

so i had to bail on the custom tank that was being built for vasuki, because the guy doing it turned out to be incompetent. (it's a mess, don't ask.) but i got a great ~37gal tank AND stand for xiuhcoatl, & i picked up a 40gal for vasuki from bridges (it was fun driving it home in my miata -_-) & had a stand shipped from petco. i won some surprise bargains with each piece - xi's setup was just $70 from a girl who was moving & desperate to sell, vasuki's $99 tank had a $15 rebate coupon inside, & his $170 petco stand was marked down to $118 plus 25% off for no reason AND free shipping, making it under a hundred bucks. so housing has worked out pretty nicely for me & my longdogs. i'll post pics when i have their hides made up nicely.

i did indeed purchase a very sexy handgun, a S&W .357 magnum 686+ (7 rounds) with a 4" barrel. it's this guy, the same one i used on the range (though the range rental had a 6" barrel) to make my front door art. (the hole through the lung is what i call "the warning shot".) i bought a couple boxes of soft points for it, one to keep at home & one to spend on the range to get a feel for them. soft points (& hollow points) expand upon impact, so they're more likely to stop an attacker *&* not go through my apartment walls. first time at the range, i did this with it at 21':

yes helo, i am riggs.

tickets for argentina/antarctica are booked too. final plan: i'm spending three days in buenos aires, hopping down to ushuaia on the same day the boat leaves, then a couple days on the boat, 5 days on antarctica & the south shetland islands, two days back to ushuaia, an overnight there, & it'll take about a day & a half to get home. my previous post estimated it'd be a hundred bucks more to do multiple flights... but by buying three one-way tickets & visiting buenos aires, instead of heading right to ushuaia, & including the deal i got on a centrally located hotel in BA, i actually SAVED a hundred bucks on the trip. :D

considering what i'm spending on the whole affair, i opted to spend another $390 & fully insure the entire trip. $150 or something of that is required for the cruise anyhow, but now i would be completely refunded for everything i've spent even if i broke my leg on the way out the front door & couldn't go on ANY of it. the insurance pays out for late flights, missed connections, baggage delays, accidents & illness, & it has a million bucks of coverage for emergency medical evac, oh my. i am the safest lish. ...or the most insured one, anyhow.

i may be alone in the universe, but at least i make some fucking cool shit in my life. the next update will likely be my costa rica travelogue.
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