lish (lishd) wrote,

before the big icy

so yeah i booked a trip to the galápagos. :D i probably won't get to see the PINK IGUANAS as they're only in one tiny place and it would've cost me $1000 more to even get NEAR their area and NOT make landfall, but i'll surely see the marine & land iguanas that live out there, plus a million other animals. i got a great deal on the package, & even found a fantastic studio in ecuador for the Grammy Memorial Tattoo addition. it'll be interesting getting on another boat so soon after my antarctic trip, but i couldn't resist.

speaking of, i picked up these boots for antarctica. worn with wool socks & the silk longjohns i bought at REI, they should do a much better job of keeping my hooves warm than my docs would. i snagged a down jacket at goodwill for all of $20 (really didn't want to spend $300+ for an REI triclimate) & i'm also considering bringing my heated throw as there'll be an outlet in the room, but that'll depend mostly on storage space since i'm hoping to avoid checking luggage. i found a good tattoo studio in argentina, too, but the antarctica addition will wait until i'm back home since there isn't a shop in ushuaia.

it was a little sad finishing that big stack of concert/event tickets on my table - stomp was particularly good, as was the mythbusters live show - but i had a rush of new events pop up! so now i'm seeing the blue man group at the paramount in march, billy joel at safeco field in may, modest mouse at key arena in july, & the monkees on their 50th anniversary tour in september. :D violent femmes were just announced too, & i have every intention to grab those tickets. i ended up getting in on an amex pre-order for billy, & thus spent three times what i normally would on tickets - i've never been closer than nosebleed, but i had the opportunity to sit in section E on this map, & i took it. (i think only robinhoodvandal is jealous, but i don't care, i still love billy joel.) it's my second time seeing the monkees - i saw them waaaay back on my birthday in 1996 in illinois on their 30th anniversary tour - & i've seen the femmes probably a dozen times by now. i am old.

there's also something cool happening in april - national geographic international contacted me about using the footage i shot of little penguins in australia for a documentary they're doing on ultra-cute animals. so i'll be credited in that & receive a copy of the show, which i think is pretty rad.

my next update will be the antarctic travelogue! omg!

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