lish (lishd) wrote,

so now that ecuador is in the annals, there are some past updates & future updates to update on.

in early june, i took an aerobatic ride in a tiny plane. :D after strapping in, including a parachute, i was taken out between mount rainier & mount baker & we performed aileron rolls, barrel rolls, hammerheads, various types of loops, & gary (my pilot) even let me perform an aileron roll on my own. we hit 4.5G & it was pretty epic. i may or may not bother putting videos up - gary gave me two go-pros worth of footage, but i'd have to edit & i am le tired.

in late june, i received three small wounds by samppa: a cutting on my right shoulder (right where my bra strap sits, so that's been fun to avoid), a cutting on my left temple, & a scar revision just under my navel (one of my laparascopic tubal ligation cuts healed poorly, so samppa basically cut out the old scar tissue & sewed the new edges back together with his perfect sutures). i'll probably put up pics of the artistic cuttings once everything settles more - as of this posting, i'm in love with my divoted temple scar, but the shoulder piece still has a giant honkin' gross scab on the area that was flesh removal. yum!

& i'm pleased to note that my concert/show calendar is quite full. i love having all these great things to look forward to, especially since people in general are so reliably terrible. right! but look! :D

july: star trek marathon at the imax, modest mouse
august: flogging molly, yo la tengo, portland reptile expo
september: bumbershoot, atmosphere, the monkees
october: dinosaur jr, voracious food awards, christopher titus, face to face, failure (performing "fantastic planet" in its entirity!), puyallup reptile expo, whose live anyway? (loved this last year)
november: dylan moran, pansy division
december: hedwig & the angry inch (my third time going)
january: henry rollins spoken word (my 73493th time going)
march: red hot chili peppers, shaping sound (a dance show with travis wall, whom i adore)
may: flogging molly

beyond that, i'm thinking i'll probably take another trip this year, but i'm not sure where or when, so i'm keeping an eye out for groupon & livingsocial deals. i want more europe, so maybe i'll take a week in iceland or scotland or england... my last three trips had me speaking spanish (costa rica, argentina, & ecuador), so it'd be nice to go somewhere that english is widely used. anyone want to come with? :D

oh, & i might end up in LA again if i can't find a practitioner in washington for a thing i want to do. testing4l, be warned! :D
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