lish (lishd) wrote,

vegas trip 2016

this was just a little domestic birthday trip. i didn't go to vegas for any of the proper vegas reasons - i went to ride top-of-building rollercoasters & eat gordon ramsay's food, & aj was kind enough to go along with me. have some bulletpoints & most of the snapchats i did while there. :)

friday 11-18
- 415am uber ride with a guy who's from vegas
- nice uneventful flight
- dropped our luggage at circus circus
- lunch at in-n-out
- wandered harrah's
- rode the high roller wheel
- had a lovely blueberry watermelon lime mint faux-ito
- wandered the lync
- saw the automotive car collection at the lync
- wandered the rio
- rode the rio zipline between buildings
- dinner at gordon ramsay pub:
--- cucumber cooler - lime, cucumber, orange - fizzy & sweet
--- lobster rolls on brioche, then we split double lamb chops & sticky toffee pudding (which aj was hesitant to even try, then homphed down & wanted more X) )

saturday 11-19
- wandered the stratosphere
- breakfast at roxy's diner for some fucking good blueberry pancakes
- gambled a whole $6
- rode the x-scream
- rode the insanity
- rode the big shot twice because it was amazing
- aj took over the stratosphere pokemon gym
- wandered new york new york
- dinner at gallagher's:
--- a 12oz australian lobster tail that almost made me cry happiness
--- we waited what they felt was too long, so they insisted on free desserts: death by chocolate for me, more sticky toffee for aj
- saw "zumanity" by cirque du soleil - basically porn cirque, exceptional
- played at the arcade & won enough tickets to buy 197 plastic frogs (which were left in all subsequent hotels, of course)
- rolled two bucks on video poker into a half hour of fun button pushing

sunday 11-20
- wandered treasure island
- lunch at gilley's BBQ where i had a particularly good salad?!
- wandered the mirage
- shot weapons at battlefield vegas! the mini gun was down but i negotiated a better substitute than they offered X)
--- i fired the uzi, ak-47, m249, m60, & .50cal barrett
--- the instructor was pleased that my shots were grouped even if they weren't all on target, as that can be fixed with sight adjustment ^_^
- wandered the bellagio
- dinner at portofino:
--- branzino with hen of the woods mushrooms
- wandered caesars palace & the forum shops
- played another $7 on poker far less successfully

monday 11-21, my birthday
- spent the day at the circus circus adventure dome riding everything (the disk'o was my favorite)
- wandered paris
- dinner at gordon ramsay steak:
--- wagyu carpaccio
--- american wagyu rib cap & butter-poached lobster tail
--- split the apple tarte tatin (aj wanted carrot cake - CARROT CAKE - but he let me pick 'cause i played the birthday card)

tuesday 11-22
- wandered planet hollywood
- lunch at burgr:
--- turkey burger with blueberry compote (best turkey burger i've had; couldn't stand any more fatty food after this trip)
- we both hit our "done" point on vegas so we headed to the airport early
- watched the new season of "black mirror" on another nice uneventful flight
- light rail to home!

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