lish (lishd) wrote,

status: alive + living

yeah, i finished upgrading the porsche's stereo because why not. so now it sounds pretty fucking awesome with its six speakers & the subwoofer all working properly. i am loving these warm evenings when i can go out driving with the top down & the music loud. (& i am still confusing the fuck out of people, judging by the neck-snapping double-takes i get.)

in my ongoing effort to experience everything awesome this world has to offer, i set up a two-hour tour of the quietest place on earth, & i am going to spend 30 minutes all alone in their anechoic chamber. :D guinness-certified NEGATIVE THIRTEEN DECIBELS of non-sound. i look forward to hearing the blood in my veins - no, really, that's a thing when there's perfect silence.

current culture schedule:
june: roger waters "us & them"
july: visiting the anechoic chamber at orfield labs, MN; "one laugh at a time" performance
august: dropkick murphys; #BlackTransMagick event
september: morocco trip with robinhoodvandal awww the travel company canceled ;_;
october: whose live anyway? (third time going, yay!)
november: down the rabbit hole - mythbusters alums doing science
december: christopher titus (second time)
january 2018: book of mormon (third time on this too!)
march 2018: shen yun
april 2018: south africa tour
may 2018: face to face (seen them a million times), reptile convention
june 2018: liz phair, godspeed you! black emperor, les miserables
august 2018: phantom of the opera
september 2018: balkans tour
october 2018: cirque du soleil "volta"
december 2018: lion king musical
march 2019: cats
august 2019: charlie & the chocolate factory musical

nothing much else is going on - just working & existing & being generally happier than not. so that's okay!
Tags: #blacktransmagick

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