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so back in december i got my concealed carry permit, & since then i've been shopping various guns. with my fucked up back, i really can't carry much weight, but lightweight guns are often horrible to shoot. i love my 686+ partly because it has such low recoil, but it wouldn't exactly work for concealed carry unless i wore a parka every day &, you know, didn't have a fucked up back.

finally i tried a sig sauer P238 at the range, & it was great - good caliber (.380; read: not a .22), light weight (about a pound loaded), & while it considered jumping out of my hands when i fired it, it was plenty controllable. so i bought it! i didn't have a five-day waiting period due to my CCP - an unexpected bonus - & i brought home some hollow-points for it. also of import is the P238 in black - as i purchased - is listed on sig sauer's site as the NIGHTMARE MICRO-COMPACT, which is obviously my new nickname.

it was amusing at the range - i'm actually a pretty great shot, for no particular reason since this marked literally my fifth time at a range ever, & two of those were back when i was 19. so i'm testing out the range's P238 with the salesman behind me, showing me how all the parts of a semi-auto work (i've always been more into revolvers), & i fire the six-shot magazine at my favorite human-shaped target... i clear the gun & turn around, & he goggles at me, "ummmm, you put all of them in his neck & three of your bullets went through the same hole." i replied that yeah, i do okay. :D

i'm working on making a holster deal for concealed carry - can't carry above the waist for the sake of my spine; can't carry in or outside my waistband because i'm thin & it'll print like mad; ankle holsters aren't actually good... so i'm building a sort of thigh bag that will look maybe steampunk-ish/festival-ish & will allow quick access directly to my weapon without scaring the mundies. comment if you're interested & maybe i'll post pics when it's done.

on another note, seeing roger waters in person in june was fucking awesome. the visuals were exceptional, as expected, & there were only a handful of songs played from roger's solo work - it was nearly all floyd. plus they played one of my top favorites, "dogs", which was a huge surprise as it's 17 minutes long. it took forever to get home from the tacoma dome (I5 went from 4 lanes to 1 for construction, yay), but i didn't mind... it was 75-degree top-down weather & i was blasting billy joel, causing triple takes from those around me: you could see people going through "who the hell is blasting billy joel" to "what is driving that porsche?" to "WHATEVER IS DRIVING THE PORSCHE IS SINGING ALONG TO BILLY JOEL...?!??!" much fun.

morocco was sadly canceled due to low interest in the tour, so i'm watching for another good deal. i'm sure i'll find somewhere else to go this year.

& phil helped me sort out parts for my new computer, currently traveling to my home. it's been a while since the last upgrade, & it's definitely time once again. here's the new setup - wish us luck.

hdd x2:
edit: & the cpu cooler i forgot i'd need: Zalman CNPS5X Performa CPU Cooler. (i'm not linking to it because the major corporation i bought it from treated me like such utter shit that i ended up getting it free *&* getting their manager written up.)

off to minnesota soon...!

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