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greece, albania, montenegro, & croatia 2018 - part 2: gjirokastra, tirana, budva

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thursday, september 27
Day 4 : From Greece to Albania

We say goodbye to Greece today as we travel to Albania. On our way there, we'll visit the Ottoman town of Gjirokastra, located on a valley between the Gjerë mountains and the Drino, 300 metres above sea level. Known as 'the city of a thousand steps', Gjirokastra is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Gjirokastra, we'll make our way to our hotel in Albania's capital city of Tirana - one of Europe's sunniest cities. You have the rest of the day to relax at your hotel or explore the city independently.
OVERNIGHT : Tirana hotel

despite the thin walls of the hotel - i could hear EVERYTHING in the halls before i went to bed - everyone stayed blissfully silent & i wasn't awakened. i skipped the breakfast bar & headed to the van for our long drive to albania. on the way, beckham played his albanian music cd again, & i sang along to track six, which i swear had a chorus of "you spoon me up some of your goo". (i later found the lyrics, for those interested in the albanian translation of "your goo".) we passed the huge green hills of western greece, & saw sheep & some little towns in the hills. i bought a carbonated lemonade when we stopped for gas (C-) & we all walked to the nearby coffeeshop where jovo insisted on buying my agros sour cherry juice (A++). the coffeeshop itself was titled something totally unreasonable like "the blood & flesh of christ" - okay, dude, whatever works.

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